Melee pathing after update

I literally just lost a game because my melee units were pathing horribly and not attacking, like 15 knights v 15 and I got completely recked, while he was barely taking damage. Not the first time I see units in aggressive stance not attacking at all, as was in this case. Anyone else with this issue?


Yes, yesterday I tasked some Paladins to kill a ram, they went to it, then halfway they stopped, turned back and did nothing.
Happened to me at least two other times with different melee units.

recs or it didn’t happen
PS: also so the devs can actually investigate
PS2: maybe post it in bugs

Example here: Trying steppe lancer vs conqs | 1v1 Arabia | Cumans vs Spanish - YouTube

Now I know why attack move is nerfed. What a nice way to balance the melee pathing regression lol


Just watched that survivalist match as well., with the awful pathing/targeting. I’ve also had numerous cases of melee pathing being terrible and pointed it out to opponents

It’s always been very bad, but it might simply be more noticeable than normal following a patch.

It’s better than it used to be in 2020, but still very bad

Still wondering how much the meta would change if melee units weren’t complete imbeciles. Like how much would it help units slower than knights since they suffer from it more

It is somewhat frustrating that melee pathing glitch hasnt been resolved yet for so long time.

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After the dlc, the pathfinding seems to be worse than the previous patch. Sometimes the units stop and do nothing.
It’s one of the things I noticed first when I used shrivamsha riders and rathas.


it’s nice to see just an happy scout, living his best life, bathing in the sun of arabia, enjoy some time for himself, while his comrades die for the country


Exactly, it never happened before to me.
Re-routing (rams :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) and bumping on each others? Yes, but stopping and doing nothing? That’s new.

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Well… bug or not the Shrivamsha riders just die anyway to crossbows :rofl:

Just look at this… units chilling around, refuse to move when you spam right clicks @IkoKnight8151


This issue is tracked, thanks ^-^