Melee units pathfinding

Game Version:

  • Build The one after Jan 13 hotfix
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store) Steam


Melee units(every melee units, most importantly rams) getting stuck when being ordered to attack or move to a specific location.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Make 10 knights, tell them to attack enemy units, look at them blocking each other and not attacking enemy units.

This is a huge problem as archers do not get well counterred BY WHAT MUST COUNTER ARCHERS, i.e. cavalry, this really sucks !


+1. You feel so incredibly frustrated watching your melee units bug out all the time. Just makes you want to alt f4

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i kknow plenty of people who stopped playing because of pathing, de seems to be the best attempt so far to kill aoe. pathing is a freaking tragedy.

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I agree… Unit AI and pathfinding went crazy for me after last update. Atack move works very strange too. I won multiplayer game yesterday, but i was totally pissed with units were non atacking and standing in place for like 5 seconds.

It would be good if you guys would post some video/image examples of pathfinding problems to clearly highlight what is broken about it for you.

I have personally not experienced any noticeable pathfinding problems after latest patch, although I have not played a lot and have not used rams/attack-move/patrol.

Have not seen anything like this for sure:

Even my ranged units get stuck on attack move.

They straight up just stop in place and aren’t considered idle military

There was numerous examples of this in the recent DE tournament NAC3. By the finals it was one of the constant topics of conversation from the casters/viewers. Especially at very high level inefficient pathfinding/blocking is causing ranged units to be noticeably better as the melee units fail to attack under many circumstances where they “should”


In the above clip, you can see that camels and light cavalry bugging out like crazy!

What is the build you are using? I think January 13 Hotfix (Hotfix 34397) is the latest or you are having some other latest version where units are having proper pathfinding lol! (which isn’t released to the public yet)


Yeah, that was pretty horrible behavior from those units.
I use build “101.101.34397.0 4546676 Steam” and have not noticed such behavior in single player since december patch.

This is really a major issue. Every competitive player from the top pros to entry level players have noticed this in various forms and have been expressing their concerns for weeks and weeks now very clearly and very loudly. There are multiple discussion threads about this, hundreds of comments, and if you consider the chats of streamers, thousands upon thousands of references to the pathfinding issue.

This has to be a top priority for you guys. Please let us know what we can expect and when.


I agree that this issue has to be a priority to be fixed. I’ve been playing this game since 2002, and even though I have enjoyed a lot the new mechanics that DE has implemented, the melee pathing is a step back that hurts the game performance when comparing to older versions of the game.

Of course there are still many details that need to be fixed, but this problem is something basic if we want this game to keep on bringing high level competition.

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This pathing problem is killing the D.E. , all know it… But let us hope the devs work on this fo real this time… :frowning:

Look at this (taken from Influenza’s post in aoezone):


Any fix incoming? As this is game changing bug and even villagers are being blocked by each other now.

This makes the game unplayable. Forget the kill count bug, videos not playing, who cares. Biggest issue in the game here, and it’s not even tracked.


I’m sure the Developers are working hard on this, but I agree this should really be the top priority. The attack move command doesn’t really work any more. Often units will just walk past and not attack. I personally would prefer a patch walk back to 2 patches ago before the Jan 13, 2020 patch since the pathing issues were not as big of an issue and commands like attack move were working.


It looks that there have been good improvements regarding this issue in the recent patch. I feel melee units pathfinding more smooth in my latest games.

Today I was struggling really hard to kill plumed archers using cavalier with full defense upgrades. One thing I noticed repeatedly in the last game was that when gave the order to patrol to the other side of the enemy archers, my cavalier first engaged normally and started fighting, but halfway the fight they suddenly decided to just move further without fighting for at least several seconds. Secondly, when raiding with knights in early castle age it also happens most of the time now that I move my knights near enemy villagers and then patrol to a few tiles ahead and the knights will just move right past the villagers without engaging, even when they literally bump into them. It’s one of the most important bugs still imo, next to the freeze/lag/connectivity issues.

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