A little post to share the memes on Aoe4 made by the community.
Thanks to them.




Whats this about tomorrow?

heck how old are you guys?
if you want to spam the forum with junk at least have the decency to post it in the off topic section.

What? They are memes. Every fandom have memes and this is a thread to memes. Aoe2 have memes too, like the 11 archers and 10 elephants.


Is a meme we made in the community in 2019 because we been waiting 4 years and we made the tomorrow as a joke to Microsoft because they always said new info soon. That is why we make the tomorrowTM meme


Exactly and I think it’s important to share the creations of the fans especially since I the game is eagerly awaited
And now it’s for beta

You left my meme out :sob:

you can add your memes :slight_smile:

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I remember when my grandfather showed me this game. We always had joked with him about funny situations and AI of some of NPCs, heh.

And this topic (with memes) reminded me of these good old times, thanks :3

Hopefully, Age Of Empires is one of those pearls in the life of a gamer, which allows people to play without strategies of “pay to win” or “donate to survive”. Paypal, WebMoney or softpos.

We all had an era without these “betas” and “alphas”. We had just games. Simple, interesting and those which are still in our hearts.

However, I still meet people who are moaning about the possibility of adding in (!) single-player these strategies. Some people (I heard) used to pay winners/losers to raise money on their tournaments, heh.

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P.S. I am sorry for longread.