Men-at-Arms with Heavy Maces and Two-Handed Weapon

When as HRI you research Heavy Maces you get +6 damage against heavy targets, and when you research Two-Handed Weapon you get +2 damage, as tech tree says for both.

But when you research both, Men-at-Arms get the +2 damage but only +3 damage against heavy targets, when you should have both.

Here only with Heavy Mace researched:

Here with both:

Also you get more HP when you research Two-handed Weapon.

I checked the Spanish translation* just in case but in English it says the same. I don’t know if in game you do the damage its supposed to do, I wish we have an editor…

*About Spanish translation, although the term ‘‘cachiporra’’ is technically correct, it’s only used in puppets shows, ‘‘maza a dos manos’’ would be more right.


I don’t know this language and therefore cannot read it. For a moment there I thought I was having a brain issue.

Has anyone tested whether this is a tooltip/text issue or an issue with the actual damage?

Sort of: AoE4 - HRE Man-at-arms Unique Tech Comparison/Analysis - YouTube
Long/short: fighting mostly vs armor? Stick with just the Mace tech. Fighting a mix of units? Get both Mace and 2 handed upgrade.

But we want know if it’s by design or a bug.

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Thanks @Omadon86! This is a bug and will be fixed.


Got this as well. Thanks!