Menu resolution/ design

I’m struggling with not being able to read everything in the menus. Is this a resolution issue or a design issue? Any help greatly appreciated

I have the resolution set to 1920 x 1080 the max on my PC. Three examples of the trouble I’m having:

  1. Trying to read hotkeys I can’t see the ALL the buttons I need to press: Here it says [CTRL + SHIFT…]

  2. Trying to look at the tech tree, e.g. trying to look at an Age4 buildings I’m finding all the items squished right up against the edge of the screen and can’t see any other items. This makes scanning through the tech tree really difficult.

  3. Looking at end game stats I have to scroll sideways manually to see all the stats, I didn’t even know there were more stats to begin with. Here’s two screenshots of the tech scores after an easy AI match to demonstrate the point.