Hi all, we all have used mercenaries in one point or another, however is a shame that the only civ that has great mercenary cards is Sweeden, for example Germany has unique card improvement, but they can only hire the ones given by map.

Would be nice if, some civs had cards like sweeden that allow us to hire x type of mercenary for the rest of the match, to add flavour and other ways of playing x civ.

Also would be nice if Merc units didnt use population at all, since they are just there for the money, as an army we wouldnt need to feed them or give them acomodations.


With this condition it must have a creation limit similar to the native settlements.

Unless the Outpost would provide a population for Mercenaries (separate from the general population).


Man, Sweden mercs in imperial age are super op, really don’t like it.

I once used the consulate exploit in a treaty game over a year ago when de came out and many bugs were not yet fixed to boost my Indian troops all above 1000hp.

Well my 1000 hp swepoys and gukhar still lost against Sweden mortar + jaeger + lands Knecht.

They should make that imperial age merc stat boost politician also increase merc prices atleast

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i mean it received several nerfs since then, if you want to use the church card it makes your jaegers cost wood which is a MASSIVE nerf, practically makes the card worthless.

Estoy de acuerdo, esto daría una amplia variedad de nuevas estrategias y una mayor facilidad para contrarrestar las del oponente.

I think it would be interesting if each civ could have in their deck a card, or a politician, that would allow them to train a specific mercenary, with a limited number for balance purposes and still with their population cost, in the tavern/saloon/monastery that covered one of their gaps in the army, for example the British could train Jaegers in a certain amount to make up for the lack of skirms…


i mean they already have that, once going to age 3 you can choose the mercenary contractor and get access to both jaegers and haqquabaafu whatever its called.


That’s only for Europeans tho, Asian civs were completely left out of the merc rework. No new options to get a merc you want, no rework of merc cards to be infinite, no possibility of getting imperial mercenaries.

Regarding Original Post, I agree with everything but making mercs cost no pop.

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Even with the new politician mercenaries are still not viable for most civs because (1) there may be better options (2) only 1 tavern/monastery is not enough to support a good merc strategy.
I think the following are needed:
(1) The age 3 mercenary contractor should also give +1 tavern build limit, or make some other ways to increase that limit, like the Theatre card which enables Ronin. Same goes for Atonement card for Asian monasteries.
(2) The church technologies which send mercs should also enable the training of that merc.

BTW African mercs get that age 5 mercenary contractor effect for free and also in the early game. I think other civs should at least have a tech to improve merc mid-game (keep the shadowtech a bonus for Africans).


In fact, I used a wrong example. French, German, Russian and Spanish don’t have access to this policy, or to a card that gives them the ability to train a particular mercenary, but anyway the subject is interesting and speaking of French, German and Spanish, they could have access to a new mercenary, under the name of Wallon Guard, after all these kingdoms had the services of this unit, especially Spain, where the royal guard was incorporated.
But there is a problem, I couldn’t find out for sure what type of unit the Wallons Guards fall into, from what I read would be some kind of line infantry, if I’m mistaken please help me correct this information.

agreed on unlocking mercenaries with cards, disagree with no pop cost.

they need to be expensive for how strong they should be, especially in pop space.

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Right and even here they are currently reasonably expensive in pop space that they are viable(unlike non-African outlaws).

As suggested by @OperaticShip743 they could have a limit as native units, expanded with cards, upgrades or age ups, for example