Mercenaries in the saloon


Was playing a game on stream and got really annoyed when i openend my saloon while commiting to a mercenary deck/strategy to see triple dragoon style units to be made. There is no real reason why i would want to make a couple of each as they are essentially balanced with respect to their cost, maybe Zenneta riders better than manchu. Now i understand its all pot luck but can we finnaly have a system where dragoons/heavy cav are drawn from pool 1 to fill slot 1, infantry drawn pool 2 to fill slot 2, and an age 4 merc/artillery drawn from pool 3 to fill slot 3 for example??

Some people may want that you can customise your profile to select which mercenaries you want to take into the game with you so that you can plan strats around mercenaries you have pre chosen


Yes unless that full randomness is fixed, merc gameplay for most civs is still a gamble.

I’d add another option: add a “shuffle” button that shuffles the merc list for everyone (like how upgrading trade routes would affect everyone), with a cooldown or cost.

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