Mercenaries shouldn't get upgrades

Currently on AoE3 most mercenaries are affected by some, if not most, of the arsenal/homecity upgrade techs. I see this quite upsetting, since normal trainable units should be the only ones to upgrade and improve through time with the advance of their colony, rather than some hired mercenaries.
A full upgraded skirmisher wouldn’t be dealing as much damage as a Jaeger, but if you have a fully upgraded Jaeger what’s the point of training skirmishers?
Same goes to the mercenarie cavalry, mameluks with hp buff would be a total chaos.
Of course Germany is a mercenary based homecity, I see them cards unique in this setting.

Play aoe 3 vanilla. Solves most problems

skirmishers have a population of 1 and can be trained from any barracks on the map in seconds.

jaegers have a pop of 2, and can only be sent in or recruited from 1 building on the map, and they are very exencive.

the point of basic units is that they are more population efficient, that is why you buy them, where as mercs are rare and expensive.


Basically, this. You can insta-refill an army of skirmishers, but not of jaegers.


Mercenary should be expensive, occupying lots of populations and being trained FAST.
It should be exactly making a deal, receiving the money and go working directly rather than training local soldiers from freshmen. Come on, it is the mercenary.

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They aren’t upgraded by most techs. Jaegers only tech for Germany is arsenal techs and home city mercenary hit points and attack, and train time obviously.

Yeah , similar to MountBlade series.

I speak with some experience here seeing as i’m one of the only players that consistently only made mercs as Germany on the old version of the game and am relatively well known for it.

Mercs in the vast majority of cases are in a good spot, getting the upgrades for them is very costly in 1v1, the saloon is random and the other player can very easily just raid your coin mines. There are times that they can be obnoxious, but these are mostly when you don’t punish what is effectively slow and greedy play from the merc player which is mostly the fault of how you played vs the playstyle.

In team mercs are pretty poor, by the time you’re able to get a mass and the upgrades on them they’re already outclassed by age 4 which the other team should have if you’re sending 3 or 4 cards to make mercs perform well.

In treaty i can see them being kind of niche with lil’bombards with spain due to being a cannon with 800 base attack and no multipliers, however this is more testament to how well unction scales stats than mercs themselves. Overall though in treaty they’re very poor, mercs just don’t perform well for their cost vs imperial units and can only be produced in the saloon (with the exception of yojimbo which are useless in TR)

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They should get the upgrades, they’re meant to be pricier but stronger.