Mercenary Army Reworks

I like the changes for the Mediterranean mercenary army and think it could be interesting if we got tweaks for old army cards while adding more. Now maybe the game doesn’t need more complexity in this way but these cards were never that awesome to use and these big diverse merc cards are one of the few things that Euro civs have unique to them. Probably too many to add but here’s just how they could be layed out.

East African Mercenary Army
Askari, Gatling Camel, and Sennar Horsemen

West African Mercenary Army
Kanuri Guards, Dahomey Amazons, Zenata Riders

Britanian Mercenary Army
Harquibusiers, Irish Brigadiers, Highlanders (Replaces Highland Mercenary Army)

Swiss/Alpine Mercenary Army
Swiss Pikemen, Royal Horsemen, Armored Pistoleers

French Mercenary Army
Fusiliers, Mounted Riflemen, Napoleon Guns

Balkan Mercenary Army
Stradiots, Pandours, Bosniaks

Chinese Mercenary Army
Manchu, Iron Troops (Replaces Asian Mercenary Army)

Japanese Mercenary Army
Ronin, Ninjas, Yojimbo

South Asian Mercenary Army
Arsonist, Jat Lancer