Mercenary ideas AOE 4

In aoe 3 I always loved to be able to recruit natives and mercenaries to go past your population and add a little more variety to the units you can recruit. If aoe 4 doesn’t get mercenaries, I will sorely miss them. I think that by adding an embassy mechanic similar to what Asia had where you can ally with a foreign mercenary companies and recruit units, but also get access to unique upgrades that are applicable. For example:
‘In the case that the English ally with a Spanish mercenary company they might open recruitment for rodeleros, tercios and arquebusiers while also providing a purchasable ‘shipments of yew’ upgrade that improves the range and power of longbowmen (archers if another civ).’

Swiss company could allow recruitment of swiss pikemen, swiss halberds (armor peircing variant of pikemen) and lucerne hammer infantry(does an area affect every 6th attack, is armour peircing, is a swiss polearm) . Swiss mercenaries have long melee range so the can benefit from being able fight from up to the third row from the edge of their formation. Charging cavalry take damage when charging swiss polearm units. An example of a unique tech could be ‘Almain rivet’ the flexible armour could increase the speed of spearmen and men at arms while also increasing their armour. ‘Swiss daggers’ could be a tech that improves the melee attack of ranged units and villagers.

These are just two examples I came up with. Mercenary companies could add alot to the game.


yeah mercenaries for aoe4 would be really nice though they don’t have to copy paste the system from aoe3

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Agreed, aoe 4 would need a different system.

Considering that aoe iv has single unit reruitment for barracks and the like, I would sort of expect them to recruit either very small detachments or single enties at a time. I’m in favour of single unit recruitment, where you spend gold at a taverns to buy mercenaries and can build multiple of for quick recruitment. It would be more logical than buying large detatcments with a unique resource and most shipments only a one time thing.

In method of recruitment I liked the europeans more but I liked that the asian nations selected ally and had access to their learnable techs as well. After working with a mercenary company long enough and purchasing their services it seems justified that they would trade knowledge with you. Hiring their units as well as trust built over time could determine when you can purchase their unique techs.

I think that because mercenaries are competitive with one another it would make sense that you get access to only one mercenary company at a time. Every skirmish would have a selction of companies to choose from. When one company has been hired they cannot be by enemy civs (except landschneckt).

Holy orders could serve as a seperate system.