[MERGED] Game Graphics Feedback

bruh, it looks terrible! see nothing appealing here and it completely looks like AoM which is a super old game…

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Correct! I though that but X019 was a made up escenario so I don’t think that is the case

Adam isgreen , one dev of aoe4 see the memes of the elephant and he laughed , so yeah . Also that image is irrevelant X019 was a made up escenario and fan preview was a randomly generated map , the light is also different being in X019 static and in fan preview was a natural lighting , the sun moving in position etc.

We will see what the devs do in the beta and we will se if the toxic community of Reddit decide to chill out.

In fact, your assumptions about the scenario and the maps are irrelevant. Nobody spoke about whether the scenario is made up or whether the map is randomly generated. They have absolutely nothing to do with the visual quality comparison.
Also, what the heck do you even mean by “made up scenario”? Do you really think that the preview trailers were not ‘made up’? Everything was staged to showcase the game, supposedly in the best and most flattering possible manner -which failed to do so-.

Lights, textures, colors, animations, scaling everything looks like a parody in comparison to 2019. If you really can’t see the difference between now and then you really need to get off the pink cloud and try again.

Toxic community because they dont agree with your view? You can find the same arguments all over the internet. Sorry to inform you that this “toxic community” cares more about the game than you with your low quality standards.


First , I will say I HAVE not , low quality standarts, in fact in the past I maked a thread about my complains and I want a 4K game that make me play more than 100 hours.

Second , no. I never said that. For me a toxic community is a community who complains about everything. Like elephants, in Reddit is a photo showing the difference about aoe2 elephants to aoe4 elephants and guess what? The image was stretched and that show us that half of the reddit community is a toxic community

Three , I will agree that the light in X019 is better , but is no need to call me a guy who is in a pink cloud wtf. And yes I can see the difference but men chill out .

OHHH BELIEVE ME IT DOES , if you can put in a escenario more trees , more rocks in a river etc you get a really good escenario to show and the game looks like it have more detail. And nope. The fan preview maps are ramdomly generated , we can see it in feudal gameplay.

So that is it my friend, if you don’t agree with me I guess I am sorry. I apreciate your post . Thx Mate :slight_smile:


Maybe because so bad Animations are seen by average gamer as a big hint that something went wrong? The only other game that does come to my mind where people had a similar reaction is Mass Effect Andromeda.

Sure The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was an AAA top game, sure with those old faces from 2006 a game could run today on most computers, but use that argument for an AAA game in year 2017 is clearly a bad idea.

By a video game product besides functionality, also aesthetics are important,
but besides aesthetics, functionality should not be forgotten.
Both things are required for a good game.

I think a good example for that would be Frozenheim, it looks fantastic,
but everything else is a big letdown.


I can agree to that.


As I say in Armors are ugly and inaccurate

I think graphic and visual effect is very important, but the AOE4 graphic is not for 2021 year and I think it is for 2015.

Please add more details and add better texture, and correct ratio between unit and building

I like AOE4 has reality design, but unfortunately the now design is very cartoonish :frowning:


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Surprise! The Graphics actually look better! Like the devs said they would. Maybe a big part of the flaws was due to the early development stage

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I really like the improved graphics. I can see arrows, animations and physics improved. My only concern now is buildings and units scale.


I didnt like ships tbh


It seems to me that they are not going to reverse the proportions or if they do it will not be enough for them to at least not stand out at first glance.
A pity that this game of steps backwards with respect to previous deliveries, making the artillery also go alone like a car.
Anyway, I leave this game to those who can enjoy it. As far as I’m concerned, except for news about proportions fix, I do not pay attention to it again.

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I pray to god they will release a ‘realistic’ enhanced graphics patch to make the graphics go from ‘cartooney mobile game’ to ‘realistic cool looking miniatures’. The main fun of AOE is playing with cool moving realistic medieval miniatures. Or maybe someone from the modding community will save the game with a realistic graphics pack mod. I guarantee the number of people who share my concerns are not small. I’m a die hard AOE fan and I didn’t even pre-order the game nor seriously investigate being a beta tester, that’s how serious this is. The reason I play AOE and not other RTSes is the time period and the looks of the units. This is really a big deal. I went so far as to create graphics mods for AOE2 to correct ‘ugly’ units in AOE2 like my war wagon to bolt elephant mod or my Chinese to Iga civ mod. But all units looking ugly is too much to fix.

Again, I think they could REALLY fix the appeal of this game by releasing an enhanced graphics pack which changes the units to not look cartoony. They seriously look like cheap mobile game units, if they added a graphics pack which changes the colors and textures and makes the units look realistic, or at least closer to the look and feel of the units in any of the other AOE games, the fans of AOE2 would not get as alienated. And people who like cartoony graphics could just not download the enhanced graphics pack.


They made little improvements, but I’m still not convinced by the graphics. Especially movements are still clunky. It’s a 4/10 imo.


I’m happy that they made the arrows look better but the animation and the graphics in general doesn’t scream new game in 2021 for me.

There is something about those that I don’t like but let’s hope that once we played that for some day it will not be noticeable.

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The last Gameplay trailer shows some Little updates that are not enough. Yes, arrows are normal (finally) and some units look pretty good but there are some things that developers have to improve before the final release:

  1. Building sizes: the actual Building sizes are stupid. I don’t wanna hear the stupid reason “readability”. Give options to players, it’s not complicated After all. I would like to see the same Building sizes seen into the x019 trailer: they were perfect, Jesus.

Now they look horrible;

  1. water Is Simply bad and very step away from what we seen in the beautiful AOE3 de. Developers have to improve them;

  2. add people to siege weapons: i don’t wanna see the robot trebuchet. Look at the AOE3

  3. try to add some more textures on units: make them more realistic.

If those updates need more time and developers can’t delay the launch, start to make a Graphic DLC: this Is the only suggest that i can give to developers.

Unfortunately, It seems developers didn’t see what people are Saying.

I’ll wait the beta for more Deep impressiona but for now this game doesn’t seem a 2021 game and the most of community on different sites, reddit, Steam and YouTube are saying the same thing.

Hope for the something change.


Completely agree with the guy above. TBH at this point I wouldn’t mind waiting one more year for release.

Where we starter and where we are

I didn’t see such a downgrade from the famous “Watch dogs” case.

This Is the only game which would needed of some Little improvements to be perfect and we’ll probably have a worst game at launch. LOL.

Well just compare ship combat from AoE4 to this 15 years older RTS,
look at the footage after 5 min.
-wave physics
-damaged ships are burning in fire and smoke
-the attack arrow animation of the “evil corsair ships”
-how they sink

it has so much gravitas and looks even so many years later so amazing.
Is it really not possible for AoE4 to reach at least that 15 year old quality?

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I think we just have to accept the fact that the graphics ain’t going to change, as sad as that is I hope the game play is amazing to make up for that.

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