[MERGED] Game Graphics Feedback

Ok, we have been waiting for a gameplay preview and i can Say: the art style Is so stupid and cartoonish… Low polished units: AOE3de Is much Better.

I really don’t understand: 5 Years of development and Essence engine for this result?

I have not words. Incredibile.
This Will be a Great failure.
Sorry but this Is not AOE.

I’ll repost this video for a right comparison


graphics doesnt matter in AOE… what matters is simplistic gameplay, thats why AOE 2 has more player than AOE3


Please mate, stop with this narrative. We are in 2021 and graphic Is important too…

Take a look to Spellforce3 and AOE3de.

Relic Lost its talent: COH and Dawn were Great games with Great graphic.


spelforce 3 , dawn of wars 3 is under the grave , COH 2 , not so much players… and aoe 3 DE has like i said, few players than aoe 2

giving low graphics will also attract player with low end pc


You can set different graphic options and this Is the mean of “scalabile graphic engine”.


personally i dont care about graphics as long as it is fun and replayble


I feel you mate. I was very very disappointed by the graphics. They took away one of the most important aspects of the series. Now I will no longer watch units fighting closely when playing because it no longer look realistic at all. Sad.


Most of the shown scenes were not gameplay - they were shown as a cinematic scene and zoomed in and from a really awful angle. Just take a look at the very few gameplay scenes that were more zoomed out and in eagle eye’s perspective - it looks much better. I guess they just wanted to show some animations and other details - which really backfired. I dont wanna say that the graphics look amazing but the shown scenes dont do justice. There is hope - but also much scepticism.


Well, yeah, I’m truly disappointed too!
I’m not defending Relic, but there might be a commercial reason behind it: the lesser the graphics, the more people can play it. I’m even having trouble with my friends not being able to play Age 2 DE because their computers won’t be up to par with the new version of the game (best possible scenario: laaaag; worst: craaaaash!). So…


There Is not Hope my friend.

Thank you Mr. ISGREEN and Shannon Loftis: this game looks horrible.

I had Great hopes for AOE4 and i really love AOE3de: it’s incredibile and Tantalus done a Great work with graphic. Units are beautiful.


whats wrong with this? it looks good to me


also the game u mentioned had only 3-4 factions… aoe 4 may add more than 20 depending on initial success


First of all, the game-play itself looks to be great and it shows they have put a lot of time and effort to make it great.

Sadly the same cannot be said about the graphics, they look alright but outdated at times and there are some things that stick out more, such as the big arrows coming out of a smaller archer unit, etc. It doesn’t add up in a good way in my opinion and this is just based on what they have shown us.

This might very well change once I give this game a go, but until I see something else I’m going to be skeptical of the graphics. The rest looks interesting!


I was also disappointed with the “cartoony-ish” graphics, but the gameplay looks great. I was hoping for more of a realistic look. Honestly the game models look pretty much like AOE 3 level models, and that’s kind of a bummer. But maybe that is the approach they wanted to take. However, at least make the weapons (like swords/arrows etc) smaller and more to-scale. Everything looks way out of scale and it is not helping the cartoony-ness of this look.


People said a year ago that i was basically “over-reacting” when i said the graphics were cartoonish. :wink: :smiley: :smiley:


Take a look at this image, for example, the arrows that are coming out of the archers are insanely bigger than the bow itself! It just doesn’t fit smoothly with the rest of the look.
And this is just one of quite a few similar graphical choices they went for which I’m not a big fan of…


ya the gameplay i think will be damn good… u can just see how pikemen brace for impact when cavalry charge , or cavalry drawing swords after charging with lance, then longbowmen making spikes to stop cav charge… these innovative gameplay made me hyped


i think there will be options to resize particle size

also the chinese engineers building cannon post to fire cannons. … these are the small details that i was looking for


Aoe3DE has better unit models/graphics than this.