[MERGED] Late-game performance in team games deteriorated in anniversary patch (42848)

@TroubledCow83 Can you create a separate bug report if you are still having issues? It is probably unrelated to the lagging issue this topic was about (and it is closed now). Provide as much information as possible, like a screenshot or video. And I recommend you watch your language if you want to be taken seriously. Calling the devs idiots will not get you anywhere.

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i reported already 2 days ago no real solution came. And i passed good tongue long time ago. i created like 10 post on steam. also they broke perfect game how can i not be angry and say not rude words

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Performance is still so bad, before the patch it was fine, now everything feels laggy, some games there are stutter and massive command delay, terrible update, i haven’t seen a single TG stream without lag…


I still have huge lags in lategame allthough I have a high end PC that easily handles way more modern games.


Teamgames often become unplayable with low fps in imperial age. This didn’t happen before the november patch and hotfix. Seems unrelated to hardware or ping. My allies sometimes say they don’t have any lag whatsoever.

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:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • BUILD #: 42848.0
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

I’m experiencing fps drops of 45-50 (I’m always at 60) very frequent in games after this new anniversary update. Having these frame drops it is obvious that the load and use of the GPU also drops.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

  • 80-90% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY) (They are in all games, but not all the time)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play a game
  2. Create buildings/Drag the camera to other parts of the Map/Select units/Fight with armies.
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I’m also experiencing this.

Massive fps drops.
RX 570 running 2x 1080’s and a 4k all freesync compatible.
When a monitor is disabled, screen tearing / flicker across monitors.
CPU, ram, disk usage all low, only gpu is maxing out.

FPS tripled (3x-4x) when I turned off freesync in radeon control software.


Funny, I get stable FPS with a decent PC

So you want to say this is not a legit issue because you do not get this problem, and only problems occuring to you should be taken seriously?

Performance really went down again with this update… can only barely play a game i have played on a low end PC 15 years ago with no problem, but now i have a mid tier PC, capable of 100s times more calculation power and have major issues… really sad


Not really

I know a few more people who had increased performance

I find it funny because each update that decreases performance for some, increases it for others

Too bad, it’s too annoying…

Same issue here. R5 5600X + RX 5700XT, so clearly not a PC issue. FPS drops to less than 5fps every 30 seconds or so


I have a high end PC and got multiple games with horrible FPS performances in late game…


This update brings lag to players!!! You have to do something about that!! Only good pc’s can playing now… But we don’t have super graphic card or something!! And This is not pubg!!! I have too many friends(500 player online discord…)
they have same FPS problem! so you have to focus this issue!!!


I have the same issue. Even in 1v1’s at the very start, my game is stuttering and sometimes freezing completely. I have 300/300 internet, 32 GB RAM and GTX 2070 graphics card, a brand new PC, so I can’t believe it is on my end. Frustrating, the game has been running so well for months now.


After the newest update, my game has become unplayable, yet nothing has changed on my end. I have had perfect flow for months, and I recently got a new computer as well. I have 300/300 internet and 32 GB RAM, GTX 2070 graphics card and overall a brand new PC. I have played both 1v1’s and team games today and yesterday, and there are frequent lag spikes or complete freezes. I can’t believe it is on my end, since nothing has changed here.

Also, when selecting civ, sometimes the screen freezes, you get a “flare” over icons when you hover the cursor over anything clickable, but nothing reacts to the click. The games still stat, but you are unable to pick civilization.

Here’s to hoping for quick resolve of issues like this in a hotfix!


I agree with you … in the game actually many players became yellow … sometimes red ! … so its not a game … its waste of time… thats all

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I had somewhat bad performance on late game previously because I play on a regular (non-gaming) notebook, but performance is way worse since the patch was released, the game is unplayable from mid castle age onwards, input lag, lag to scroll through the map…


I played the original on athlon 2.4ghz, 1gb RAM and Geforce 4 GPU, 4v4 games with everyone max pop there were no issues… Now this version is not working properly on modern machines.

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