Meso civilizations: Improved archers instead of xbow/Arb?

I know it’s not a big deal but civs like Aztecs and mayans didn’t have crossbows obviously so, since they already have a different and more immersive model for priests, wouldn’t it be nice if they changed just the appearance/name of the xbow/arb units to something like “improved bowman” and “composite bowman”?

I know the game doesn’t need to be extremely realistic but seeing aztecs with crossbows is something really weird.

Before you say “But there are more important stuff to work on like performance, pathfinding and stability.”

Well, yes. But the people that make models and animations don’t work on that kind of stuff anyway.


Ahem, the entire Mesoamerican Militia line wants a word with you


Yep. It’s the issue of meso civs being vastly different than other medieval civs in real life. They even removed the stable for these civs to inject some immersion, but there are still some very rough edges, unfortunately.

But I’m still happy that they were added to the game, even if we have to ignore some part of the realism.


As I said on a older topic:


True, but I don’t see the harm in asking for a bit more realism(concerning unit models) being added to the game.

If the devs see this and decide to improve on that area a bit (ofc it will never be perfect) then great!
If not then no harm done, people will still play.

I just think AoE2 is a legendary game and it would be really nice seeing the many civ’s units being correctly depicted(or almost correctly) like they do with their architecture design.

That would seal the deal for AoE2 epicness.

So tldr: No harm in asking for more immersion concerning art.

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Of course you do no harm asking for that! Even myself have been asking for better ethnical matching on villager appearances to their real world counterparts. Would aprecciate a more accurate ethnic correspondence to villagers visuals

I’m just clarifying that what’s been asked doesn’t match the design phylosophies that AoE2 has and had since its launch. It’s a cool idea.

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Yes. One thing I liked about AoM was the accurate ethnical villager models.

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That’s true. I’ve never seen more accurate representation of Atlantean culture in another place than in this game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I for the most part agree with you on this idea, the main thing that I would consider a negative to having more historical accurate models for units for different civs is that it could make it really difficult to distinguish what’s what for players, which would potentially negatively affect the gameplay. If the Meso civs’ “improved archers” in castle and imp looked really similar to feudal archers, that could really throw people off. The one nice thing about having all standard unit models is you can quickly distinguish when units have upgraded and what you’re dealing with. But I do like the concept in general.


Yes, it could become more confusing. But then again, we don’t need unique models for each of the 35 civs, just the main regions.

Chinese, japanese, mongols, and other civs that share the same “theme” could use the same unit models for militia and knight line, but those would still be different from Franks, Britons, Celts.

Basically: Different architecture = Different unit models.

That being said I don’t think Skirms and Spearman line would need to change, because I find their design a bit neutral and fitting for all civs, but militia and knight lines will always look too “european” to me.
And, ofc, meso civs having upgraded archers instead of crossbows.

Maybe make them slightly weaker than crossbows but cheaper and faster to train?
But that’s balance and a bit off-topic.

I guess we need a AoE2 DE: DE :rofl:


i really do like the idea of reskins, and i know theres community members working on em, some nice stuff, but at the same time, isnt modelling like one of the most expensive things wrt gaming development? aka its the least likely to be buffed

Yes, it takes a lot of work, although not so much in this case because the models don’t need to be insanely detailed like other games.
They could make a dlc with new campaigns, because adding yet another expansion might be overkill?

The re-skins themselves could also be a paid DLC and I wouldn’t mind(It’s hard work after all) but some people don’t like that approach.
What I mean is: Yes this update would be somewhat costly and probably need something to generate enough funds to justify it. It’s the nature of the business.

Special mention to the start of the Boiling Lake mission 11

I had to watch a video because it’s been ages(heh) since I’ve finished that campaign.

You mean the ships?

We’ll just have to pretend they had them, I guess.

No, the fact that when you start the mission your army has Arbs and the Spanish have Archers…

Ah yes. Historians will play this scenario wtfing all the time :joy:

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I guess you will like my mod for DE:

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I dont think they will ever do that. Its too much work for no reward. Someone will definitely make stuff like this in steam workshop though. There was a lot of these mods for HD

Great job! Good to see unique textures that aren’t reused hero units. I was worried DE wouldn’t get as much new texture work as HD.

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Very nice! I’ll give it a try later today.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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