Vietnamese civ - Is it accurate?

Hey, I understand your frustrations hahaha! The game representation of amerindians human sacrifice is risible as well. But don’t be mad about this. Take in mind that this is only a game, and it does not pretend to create a trustworthy representation of historical events, but rather take some inspiration on those events to model its creativity. So, of course, there will be many innacuracies, and that is fairly reasonable if you take in account that this is a game with 35 different civilizations depicts and a lot of creativity freedom. I know that many civs have arrived on this decade, but all and all it’s a game from 1999, a time when non eurocentric hystoric conceptions were even less popular than today, and this feeling of how civs are pictured remained on these newer civs. Even if that was the intention, imagine gathering accurate historic details back in the day, on rudimentar internet times.

So, take it easy! And also thanks a lot for sharing some knowledge!!