Meso civis need other skins different of the rest

Is funny for example mayan halbardier and champions use metal amor, crossbow use metal helmet, villagers looks like european civi, my suggestion is only change materials


Mayans never had actual Halberdiers to begin with, nor did they have Catapuls, Trebuchets or Galleons.

It is not odd at all, it is gameplay conventions. This is a game, not a historical simulator.

You still get Platemail at the Blacksmith anyway, and Mayans did not even have Blacksmiths, because none of their weapobns were made of metal.

I’m going the other way around.

Make american monks look like regular monks.
There’s no point in making them the only regional skin. It only breaks the consistency of the game and make you ask why it’s not the same for all the other civs.

Either that, or bring back the regional monks from Wololo Kingdoms.
I’m all on for consistency.


We need regional unit skins for all the civis.
Minimum would be asian easter and meso,europe can keep the current units.


To be honest, if any unit should be varied without it hurting recognizability, it is the Monks.

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Funnier than that is plumed archers having any armor at all and steel-plate clad champions being less armored than a chain mail knight

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I was surprised at the lack of regional monks in DE. I was already used to them from HD and WK.

About the topic, I like to think AoE2 is “set in an alternate historical timeline” where all these civs were more in contact with one another and the flow of knowledge such as metalworking and siegecraft was widespread, explaining the technological similarity between civs from all the different continents.

In that sense, some regional variation would be nice as long as all the units are still easily recognizable, as mentioned in other threads.

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I agree, give them their own unique SKIN for spearman, pikeman and halberdiers. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to make a mesa spearman and have him look stronger with each unit upgrade. They can also try a unique skin for the skirm line too