Meta Boom

val scouted and SHOULD have seen vil on STONE; delhi has no META reason to be on stone so; vald should have known; AND I think thats why vlad did NOT go 2nd tC song but tried to zhuge nu rush; but didnt presss IMO.

And your 2nd point “unexplored” is EXACTLY the scare for going 2nd TC as delhi; will you have enough ghazi and eco to deal with vet spears and PG???

4 TC, another reliable proof of the Meta-boom

Meta-Boom with huge numbers of villagers (accumulating thousands of resources) Disgusting

A lot of that eco is trade. Abbasids often go pretty heavy on traders late game, especially on very wall able maps. It’s not like going 2-4 TCs in AOE2 was rare. Heck most pro AOE4 games end in feudal or early castle age. Sure most civs go 2 TC most of the time, but it’s not like that’s some crazy super-boom.

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the structural problem of this game

You should maybe provide an English translation of the clip.

That was before the nerf to keep.

Vortix complained about the game’s static defenses, the patch only changed Keeps; When Vorrtix analyzes the patch at no point does he mention that all of the game’s defenses have finally been resolved.

This game, which fortunately was a mirror, conclusively demonstrates that Fast Castle does not defeat Boom; With an average collection rate of 40/minute, each villager recovers his investment in a short time

Increase the villager’s cost by 10% to 55 food or 20% to 60 food.
Increasing the cost of each villager will make it riskier to make Boom and gives a counterplay to Fast Castle vs. Boom

In this way, a rock-paper-scissors system will be established between the different strategies.

Isn’t it rush beats boom, boom beats turtle, turtle beats rush?

I attach the source of the detailed analysis. Activate subtitles