Today, the ban on the publication of Age of Empires IV reviews fell asleep, so the media began to share their opinions - mostly positive. The game has 84 Metacritic points based on 35 reviews.
There are even a few top rated articles. For example, from GamesRadar +, which called the fourth part “a triumphant revival that was worth the wait.”


If you check Games Radar’s review on youtube, they only used footage from earlier gameplay trailers released by Microsoft, so it doesn’t look like they put too much effort in that review, would definitely not consider it too much.


Not surprising. It is a very good game despite its flaws. I think I will play it for many years.


This score is not satisfactory for Empire 4.

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There was a review version available to all media outlets it seems.

Whether Games Radar used it is another question.

Seems pretty similar to the reception Age of Empires 3 got in 2005. Funnily enough some of the critisism is the same things like “too safe”.

Frankly an RTS playing it a little safe is welcome after all the RTS games that put themselves into a death spiral by trying to reinvent themselves and failing like Command and Conquer 4, Dawn of War and Rise of Legends.


Pretty normal score, could be worse ig. I just desperately hope they continue to work on the game for a while to make this feel like the newest installment of the Age franchise. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game, but there are a lot of underlying issues.

I will stick with this game as long as the developers continue to push through the mess that’s been these few months. There’s serious potential here, but that shouldn’t be what we’re saying 3 days before release. Good luck, Relic.


Omg, i love so much age of empire 4 and metacritic is soo rigth.

I just want to buy one to each if my friends and play it for ever and ever.

I love to see the magestic pion figth, face to face, unable to push the enemy backward, has some homing projectile fall from the sky.

The city is soo easy to see whit all the cubic shinked buildings and the awsome auto generated decoration.

The perfect map generator that always do the same map, made of circle and line, never make a dull and predictable game.

The greatness of the monotone voice naration, that depict a perfect peacefully history of bloody figth.

The simplistic scenario that bring no confusion or content, and adapted for any kind of people.

Aoe4 is unique and nerver any one else could have made it.


Exaggerated Sarcasm

The best way to improve a lacking game


Just can’t wait for release so I can enjoy the game instead of reading about aoe4’s funeral here.


Am curious about what build the streamers are playing ( is it the AOE IV streaming build ?) , because for me the game they are streaming looks pretty different(old) from the one in the devs showcase matches.

Did they get their copies after the software “went gold” or before? If before we know it’s an older build. But I’m guessing it’s the final build or very close to it, although who knows, there could be a day one patch.

Hard to tell anything from the showmatches either since they were all pre-recorded.

There are definitely some issues that are not going to be fixed at launch which is annoying, but I’m hopeful for future patches.

Well what makes think of this , is that after looking IGN review and some of their gameplay footage , the game looks somewhat better , and weapons are much more releastic and bows have animation when shooting , but in the content creators streams the weapons of units seems to be oversized and bows don’t even have animation when shooting.

If you are German speaking, i would recommend the Gamestar Review:

I think it has very fair criticism.
The biggest contra is the presentation of the campaign, the modern World Cutscenes doesn’t give you the medieval feeling an AoE4 Game should. And every Mission has the same Speaker, the whole campaign feels more like a history lesson in school.


According to Aussie drongo, he got access before the product “went gold”.


This is the week the doomers realize they’ve been living in a little echo-chamber…


I watched a few video reviews. IGN’s was the worst, and XboxEra’s was the best (of those I watched). Most of the criticism is it’s “too safe”; and if that’s the biggest complaint, then I’m happy. The Metacritic score is promising. Looking forward to Thursday!

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Age of Empires 2 - 92
Starcraft 2 - 93
Company of Heroes 1 - 94

Our standards seem to have dropped.


WarCraft III (not Reforged) - 92

And AoE 4 currently on 83

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Homeworld has 93 too. Remembered one more.

This is a very select elite group in the RTS genre where very few titles have legendary status. Unfortunately AoE4 is nowhere near this group.

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