Meteor Hammers/Gatling Guns

It’s well known Inca, Mexico, and Brits are OP and in need of nerfs, however there are other civilizations that have broken elements that are being overlooked:

  1. Chinese fortress age deathball is too strong, a well respected OG player suitably calls them “sleeper OP”. What needs a nerf in particular are meteor hammers.
    With 5 range and 29 attack x2 vs artillery, these things are beastly. China already has access to excellent artillery and excellent anti artillery i.e. hand mortars.
    What makes the deathball so oppressive is that MHs render all enemy artillery useless because 3 and a half hit insta kills a falconet(from a mile away).
    My proposal would be to reduce their range from 5 to 3 and maybe lowering their artillery multiplier to x1.5, this would make a falconet die in 4.5 hits instead of 3.5.

  2. USA’s newly added “rolling artillery” card is also incredibly oppressive for the same reason infinite two gatlings was an oppressive card, except now it’s arguably more OP. Before people had to use two card slots for 3 gatlings and the inf 2 gats (which was later rightfully nerfed to inf 1)… now being able to send infinitely 3 gats, then 2 gats, then 1, then three again is essentially the exact same as inf 2. Which is absurdly powerful. Yes gatlings are fragile blabla, but they shred way more than a falconet does and they’re much more mobile/microable… hence they’re better and being able to infinitely ship them from the HC is OP AF.
    I suggest allowing them only a one time shipment of 3 (but ideally 2) and getting rid of the rolling artillery card.

    Especially now that carbine cav are a good unit now, usa doesn’t need all these gatlings so easily accessible.

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I believed that the rolling card at the end only delivered 1 infinity … and that its best use was to use it 2 times.

That kind of “rolling” shipment so interesting I think it should be reserved for units that after age 2 lose a lot of power like pikes / xbows

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I could be mistaken but I’m about 97% sure it resets to 3, 2, 1, infinitely.

Firstly saying it’s well known those civs need a nerf is very subjective, mexico FI of course will be nerfed, not much else needs changing maybe a change to cheaper revolutions card or hacienda build speed, inca should have their age up reverted back to 2 war huts so they can’t get 2 fast tambos for the native rush but even that seems intended by the devs and was a change I as an inca player didn’t want(I don’t enjoy the native rush) not like these civs are broken on the level sweden was for a year anyway. Brit needs no change whatsoever, it’s the perfect balanced civ imo and where all civs should be balance wise.

I think the gatling card was a great change, exactly what was needed because even 3 gatlings lose to 2 falconets, now you can send it again for another 2 but if you send it a 3rd time it’ll be just 1 so in order to get back to 3 gatlings you must waste a shipment essentially, nice way of balancing it over just giving them inf 2 gatlings because inf 1 gatling was just never going to be used. I hope to see similar cards in the future.
Also I wouldn’t call carbine cav a good unit, they’re usable now compared to how trash they were before but far from a dragoon.

China are fine, though their cavalry do become extremely strong and cost effective when they send the card double-faced armor I think it’s called. Probably doesn’t need changing though, far from an op civ.