Mexican Standoff Homecity card is lame

currently that home city card gives outlaws a 25% chance to do double damage but takes damage equal to half their attack when attacking so there is 0 real benefit from using it since the extra damage cost unit’s hp
I propose that the change drops to 5% or 10% chance of critics without taking damage
or maybe a more thematic rework like the player gaining the cease fire skill from the taj mahal but only in the flag range instead of globally or with higher cooldown.
what do you think? thanks for reading


Not all cards are useful and can be viable. Look into niño soldado card, for example

There have always been useless cards xD

That card actually wrecks if you have someone feeding you enough gold to spam outlaws or if you somehow have an incredible gold economy. I played a game on unknown where a Dutch guy went SA and fed Mexico gold and he took on 3 players by himself essentially! Needs to be used with Bandidos.

It’s not great but if you spawn cuatreros from haciendas then it doesn’t matter so much.

I don’t care much for this card personally, but I highly disagree with people shrugging it off under the excuse that there have always been useless cards. Why have useless content when it can be improved to be at least viable?

Creating a card in the first place takes time: to create the concept, codding, its art and hopefully its usability/viability/balance.