Mexican Vaqueros do not replace Comancheros. Oversight or intended?

When testing the Mexican Revolution, unique to Spain, I noticed a small, but odd thing.

One of the Mexican unique units is the Vaquero, which is an unit visually identical to the Comanchero and with almost the exact same HP and attack stats. The only notable difference between the two is that the Vaquero can build livestock pens, gather food from livestock and only cost 1 population, while the Comanchero can’t and cost 7 population.

The odd thing is that despite being basically the exact same unit, the Vaquero doesn’t replace the Comanchero. Many other revolutionary nations have similar units(Cowboys, Jagunços, Morochucos, etc.) that do replace the Comanchero when revolting, even the other Mexican unique unit, the Chinaco, does replace the Renegado when requested from the home city. It seems that the Vaquero is the only odd exception to this rule.

seems good to me, does it make mexican revolution more appealing?

Not really, you just have two identical units, except that the vaquero is much cheaper and work with livestock, while the comanchero is slightly stronger and use 7x times more population space. Just feels redundant to have both.

seems like powercreeping, but it is just one minor unit in a very unusual situation.

would not be fun if a bunch of vaqueros (cowboys) killed some settlers and ate their sheeps?