Mexico civilization - first impressions? :Mexico:

I haven’t even finished first vsAI skirmish but I’m already very excited.
Interesting units. Started with focus on fairly straightforward one - Chinacos and Soldados, but already thinking about tactics for stealthy Salteadors.
I think Haciendas will require a few games to experiment with all cards to discover full potential of that building.

As someone that likes support and healing- I love focus on that in Mexican civ.
Looks like healing season came early:

Strong and versatile healing and hit&run stealth tactics… I wonder how effective will that but.

Hero priest is a cherry on top:

And I’d love to be able to have second padre instead of second general!
State tech are super attractive. Old age-up governor bonuses are so boring in comparison.

More techs? Faster gathering? More hp and healing? Greater fort attack range and production? Stronger building and faster construction? Yeah I want them all…

Imperial Soldado- 750HP. Me gusta.


Excellent mechanics, art and all good in general. But it seems ultra-OP.


It is very OP.
It did not come out 2 hours ago, and we have already invented a boom of villagers, 35 vills and 6 haciendas in 6 minutes.

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Fully researched Soldados with ‘Refurbished Firearms’ Age4 card that adds grenade launcher are very effective vs. buildings.

It’s probably good it’s not possible to get 2nd padre- that would be waaay too good. Also with surgeons there is no need for that as there already are units that can heal.
Seeing Native Embassy turn into Aztec War Hut is pretty funny.

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Im the only one that feels that spanish words into an english sentence sounds weird??? Why they cant translate to english words for the english version??

We dont have “longbowman” or “state militia” in other versions, we have the translated names.

If you face competitively against Mexico, better give GG before starting to play. The best thing is that everyone uses mexico vs mexico while balancing civilization.

They should use a cooldown to use them again in multiplayer to avoid everyone playing them at the same time for some days

Seems a terrible idea, we don’t pay for a new civ that we can only use every other game.


Just wait or play with other civ until the end of the timer to play again with them. Its not funny facing every game the same civ. Play a skirmish against the AI until that moment.

It’s always kinda like that. Everyone wants to try new stuff right away. It will only get better.
I’m sure they will balance few aspects of Mexico in the next patch, but even in the current state sooner or later good counter-strategies will emerge.

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Seems to me like all the wild mechanics of US plus a pretty fast start (which US lacks)

And I have pointed out many times musketeer is a dangerous unit to tweak (tanky with a decent ranged attack, already very versatile) and now there is a dopplesoldner musketeer that can also throw grenades…fine.
And if you have a 2 pop unit with 2x hp and 2x damage, you actually get more than 2x effectiveness (corrected). Not to mention the grenade launcher.
I think this unit should have more cost and/or less base damage and/or fewer upgrades.

Plz no more omnipotent units. Carolean is enough. (I thought devs have learned the lesson from carolean seeing US regular being a pretty regular unit, but now this comes)


No thanks, I’ll be playing exclusively Mexico for the foreseeable future. I’m really enjoying the new civ.


Also for me % of state techs that are interesting and fit my playstyle is bigger than for US.

I hope they will update general skin by adding 2nd variation for 2nd general that can be summoned via special tech. Nothing hug,e add a mustache and modify hat or something.

I said some days, until other civs return to be played, its not hard to understand my POV. Do you want mirrors everytime vs mexico??

There won’t be only mirror matches with Mexico, just like there are no constant mirrors with Sweden, US or Hausa.
After few days, certainly, after a weekend interest will drop once everyone gets their fill + counterstrategies appear. Not to mention the first balance patch.
Situation looks like that in every game where new content is added, it’s not extraordinary or bad. Unless Devs buff Mexico to make them the most OP civ, but I doubt that’s the intent.

I’ve only played vs mexico once, as always there’s plenty of people that don’t have the new civ yet or just don’t want to buy it, it’s far from just mirrors.

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I agree there needs to be some adjustment for new civilizations on the ranked ladder.

I would do the DOTA2 model: civilizations can’t be used in the ladder until they are balanced after some patching. They can still be used in non-ranked environments (like the game lobby)

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Or they could include on ladder but reduce the ELO gain / loss

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Or they could do windows where the civilization is available on ladder. Like 48 hours starting every Tuesday GMT.

I think there are a lot of solutions to have minimal impact to the overall ladder while still being able to gauge how to properly balance.

On the topic of sales: most people play single player. I think restricting ranked play for new civilizations would not impact the sales. Most people will play the included scenarios and some skirmishes.

That is terrible idea. Why would you want that. I paid money for them I should be use them whenever I want