México - European units

Hi all, Mexico has 3 cards that send each one musketeers, gendarmes and lancers.

Each units has its uses, ex Gendarmes have good stats, musketeers are a cheaper version of the soldado, but lancers are the Spanish (original) Version of the “Charro”, besides their health they are outshined by charros.

Do you guys use any of those cards? Yes/No, Why?

Personally I think Spanish lancer should get benefits from charro cards… What do you guys think?

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They already do…Cavalry Combat, plan of Casa mata, Caballeros,

Same with Gendarmes, skirmishers and musketeers. there are card that benefit them as well as their mexican equivalents.

They don’t get the charged attack do they?

eu uso a card dos lanceiros e tento construir um forte e muito mais efetivo usar os lanceiros do que os chinacos, chinacos precisam de 4 a 3 cartas para ficarem decentes além dos lanceiros ja serem atualizados a cada era

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No, but they get all the stat boosting cards.

And I do get all of the foreign unit shipments even the galleons sometimes, since steamers are too expensive.

Interesting guys, I hadn’t thought about the free upgrades either, do they get imperial too? The name does tell.

I normally use Gendarmes.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The three special units are tagged as Consulate Unit so they all get shadow upgrades:

Criollo Musketeers and Tulancingo Cuirassiers:
+10% attack and hitppints (Age 0)
+20% attack and hitpoints (Age III)
+30% attack and hitpoints (Age IV)
+50% attack and hitpoints (Age V)

Garrochista Lancers (No AbstractConsulateUnitColonial tag)
+10% attack and hitppints (Age 0)
+30% attack and hitpoints (Age IV)
+50% attack and hitpoints (Age V)


When I played mexico I never used them tbh but only because mexicos regular units are so good.