Mexico - Federal State Info

Hi guys, I need an assistance with Mexico. The first step in age is obliged to take Durango as a federal state due to the wood-gold exchange rate (Cerro de Mercado). But by the 3rd era I see that some use Sonora due to the + 25% resource gathering card (Sonora Valleys), while others use Coahulia through Land of Zaragoza which increases the work rate of military buildings by a further 25%. Here … for the latter we mean that the military units go out 25% faster or that the construction of military buildings has increased by 25%? Which of the two is better? Thanks. In game no teatry 40 min.

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It would be better to get the 25% work rate. It means military buildings train faster, not build faster. The reason why Sonora Valleys isn’t a good idea, is because it’s only natural resources and in treaty you’ll be using Haciendas. But if I were you I would get the state that gives you Bustamante for the 10% HP to Soldados.

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In treaty, people use that to earn max wood rates to trade it to coin


So would you prefer 10% more life to Soldado than 35% production speed? Comparing them with the European peoples are we in line? they have 2 cards to throw and 2 in the church, while mexico has 2 from the church and only 1 from the deck.

The 25% age-up is not working correctly because the tech is not being applied for some reason. I’ve reported that so hopefully will get fixed soon. Usually, in a solo game you want to wood → coin trade because you kind of need it and without it, you really can’t solo boom. You could, but your resources will be on the edge of draining every second of the fight.

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What do you mean by “The 25% age-up is not working correctly”. you mean the chief flag?