Mexico has better cuirassier than fully carded France's

Do newer dlc civs need to have better stats units than vanilla older Ensemble Studios made units, devs?

This unit not only is better but is also shadowteching for free, without any additional cost.

Fully upgraded cuirs variations Mexico can get:

Straight up better than france cuirs by a mile. Hp, speed, attack all better:


Faster than goons cuirassier, still more attack than france’s but less hp.



Mexico Fort units are really strong, I don’t know why, but maybe they deserve a nerf.

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yes. Always. see: every musketeer since 2006


They are strong and have shadowtech

this requires the flag right?

isn’t french cuirs cheaper though after the age 4 card?

they are just consulate units with extra 10% stats, there is might not be much wiggle room to change the stats

It made sense due to new civs lacking artillery or factories. It doesnt for european-like civs


Why are you talking about? Musk with better stats costs more… obviously. The brit musk, OG musk was still the best till some time, before some DE musks.

These cuirassier don’t cost more. They cost exactly their base cost and they also upgrade for free.

Ashigurus cost more than Euro musk ?
Sepoy cost more than Euro musk?
Thomahawk cost less than Euro musk ?

yes they cost less and aren’t better than euro musk

the question you asked was “do new units always have to be better than ensemble units” and the answer was yes. Not really sure what part is confusing there.

yeah costs vary but thats not really what I was answering.

btw the only exception i can sort of think of is the Yumi

No archer has been better then the Yumi

Fulani is good but its not Yumi

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I know you are trying to be sarcastic but the problem is just that you aren’t reading correctly so you come off as dumb… Sepoy isn’t a musketeer, it is a sepoy, soldado isn’t a musketeer, its a soldado etc.

The Mexican Cuirassier, on the other hand, is the French Cuirassier. It isn’t a new unit that serves the same role, it IS the unit.

Well some archers did get better than yumi in the some patches, but then they were also nerfed.

I mean to be pedantic its not, its the consulate gendarme unit, with built in +10% stats

It technically has receives less upgrades then the french one (+25% from the consulate stats and cav combat, french gets +30% total) the only reason you can get it like this is because of the flag

tbh even then the stats arent that better for requiring so much effort and only buildable from forts

also french ones cost less with better eco


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his sarcasm isnt without merit tho
especially since DE every single new musket type has better stats per res right out the gate. most older european musk (well brits ports otto) require 2-3 cards to hit parity which in 1v1 is hard to fit, new civs get their often overtuned musk plus better value cards like the mexican cuirs ill explain here but look at soldado, a musk that is almost parity for f/up brit musk and you see why new civs tend to be easier to play- can stack decks with other things like shipments or eco when you dont need space.

its why Tulancingo is to me a bit just powercreep. you get, for same price than 3 cuir of french res to res, a shipment that then unlocks RG shadowtech cuir from forts, when forts for mexico is solid anyways. there is literally no cost but gathering the inital res (of which is wood adn food, so not even drain on coin mines). france needs 3 cards (of which often only 2 can be fit in 1v1 deck) to hit better stats, and to pay 1700 res in age4 and 3k in age5. meanwhile, cav combat and liberation march (which affect all cav) get you roughly the same stats most the game for minimal investment and its a unit shipment so its way better value. mexico gets only 21 inital cards but by the time france is age4 mexico has 27 cards so this argument is also mute. basically in a 1v1 this card gives mexican cuirs more bang for their buck and one things aoe3 DE has done alot (but is trying to reduce) is the “hahaha i killed your x civ with their own better DE buffed unit lmao wait why arent you playing anymore??”

In teams or treaty, this is less an issue where deck space isnt so bad but for 1v1 stuff like this is why mexico, well one reason, has such a bad reputation. The only way to add flavor and not make things op is do it liek malta and keep them out of the civs natrual multiple buffs. but given how many malta people whine about “muh order cuirs died i only have the best pike bow culvs grenadier hoop and a shaodwteching RG huss but i cant beat 3x carded france cav plz devs gib win conditions at civ selection screen” im sure this is not to the liking of any mexican mains. But for the health and same way european civs had to get many of their upgrade cards to target only their inherent roster, making mexico cac combat or liberation march affect only their units would fix this instantly.

sorry for the sarcasm, im being a bit cheeky on purpose to give another angle and get peple to think outside of “no dont nerf my civ” mentality. but things like this for me and what i often see for many others is one of the lows of aoe3: when new civs are just better than yours. And many people will hand wave this as “well in treaty or in a 2 hour game france hits parity” when in reality most games the mexican cuir is better value once it hits till the likely conclusion of the game, and thats probably not supposed to be the case for mexico a civ of flexibility vs frances only unique unit (outside of vills) being 2nd class


only cav combat, liberation march doesnt give HP or attack, only speed.

and tbh to get that also effectively means sending 2 cards (one to unlock the thing and next to send cav combat)

that combo gives it +25% stats total

France given the same 2 card slot gets +30%/+15% of either attack and HP

if we want to nerf it the easy option is just get rid of the shadow tech

whats the best stat on a hand cav?
speed its what makes deli/raider/sowar so good, the stat that allows them to actually get into melee and snare or contribute to dps. its wild liberation march both makes it faster on the field (equal to huss) and made faster which gets around the idea of forts being too investment heavy to spam them. for 2 cards france gets 15% on 1 stat vs the 10/10 of royal guard plus speed plus faster train time. and can powerspike with 6 of them vs 3. so for france to have 3 cards (3 cuir, cav combat, hp) mexico gets 2 cards of 6 plus 25% on stats plus speed/train time. its wild

That said I’m in general for reducing shadowtechs on most units but i still think culling them from liberation march (cuir are speed 6.25 for a reason) would do wonders to reduce their power

I feel like that is a stretch

it only gives 5% speed which still makes it slower then a hussar (6.56 vs 6.75)

its a good card but like it really doesnt break the unit.

to put it into context, that is the same speed as the siphahi, which is a very good unit dont get me wrong, but the 6.5 speed isnt what makes them broken.

the cases of the deli and raider comes from the fact that they are faster then their counterparts and allows them to control the pace of the fight.

for cuirs to get faster then 6.75 you would need to send 2 cards, which if anything is pushing it.

even lifidis after dunbar parade gets 6.88 speed

speed for these heavy cav is just not the real issue

speed 6.5 allows you to outrun aztec/inca units most the time
you know what sucks about getting ran around by cuirs? when their counters cant be caught

its a small change but 1- no liberation march makes them truly slow to train and 2- for those few civs who cant chase trhem without many cards, doesnt allow age3 or early age4 cuirs to dominate them unless they wall like the #### ##### of carp and callen (love these two players btw referencing when they play vs eachother they tend to wall every open space and fight it out.

speed matters and this again is a small change that ensures they dont break the mould they were made from. no shadowteching is probably ok but then you are still getting better cuir than the civ you took it from
just my 2 cents, civs shouldnt steal and make instantly better that civs flagpole unit

edit: love and child, #### ###### is censored lol

That not being pedantic, its just being ignorant. Do you know what a consulate is? Also, didn’t i specify that the unit shadowtechs? Now calculate the cost to get the imperial cuirassier and see how much is saved, include cost for Mexico to send the card.

which units from those civs can they not outrun before? only their shock infantry has 6.25 speed or more.

even then coyote has a speed boost from their age 2 tech that gives them the same 6.8 speed as their cuirs would get

and inca has like +20% speed on all units after 2 cards