Mexico Need a Fast Age Up Buff

Decrease the Cost of State Religion Tech in Cathedral. Its Costs 500 Gold and its Too expensive to Collect in Transition. The ideal Would be 200 gold or Lower

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You do
Its right next to the age up button with icon of a few fists on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a trade off. Some very powerful federal cards or memes for the dreams. Ofc most choose meme mode so maybe what would be better is change say aretega to have a fast age up and free vet tech for example. Then change the tech to i dunno extra age up bonus and cost differently

Because mexico with already the fastest age3 or 4 often doesnt need more unscoutable ways to play imho but i agree a more incentived way to play “standard” could be done.

The problem with Mex is it doesn’t have useful cards for age 2-3 as USA do, it lost a lot of versatility.
Also units age 2-3 are very nerfed, since its launch I remember they only receive nerfs and nerfs.

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Yeah cause
10 fast pikes is bad
3 chinacos is bad
5 skirms in age2 is bad
10 super vill killing skirms is bad
+2 range card for skirms is bad
9 RG musk for 500res is bad
Native treaties that combos with tlaxcala is bad
And then add every single standard crate and age card like 5 vills adv arsenal silversmith warships etc
Then add in federal cards such as literal maphack and xp/boat scaling+ dock, 1 hacinda and at least 400w worth of houses/super age up bonus and free vet tech, 2 vills per plantation and natives

Wow thats soooo bad i mean wow im sure ports spain dutch germans lakota surely must have so much easier

Oh wait :confused:

Lets not pretend mexico, with 2 revolts and a solid age is somehow weak at all in age2. The reality simply is the CA revolt is your FF; otherwise youre supposee to brawl and use the above to gain an advantage or timing and then use thr strong age3 slow age or CA to leapfrog to age4. Thats the point, your units and eco is solid bit you wont outscale russia in age2. The civ is flexibility and trade offs. The fast age is 400c from a church and get crates or go CA. Exiled prince didnt give squat last I checked.


Yeah, we still don’t see Mexico in tournaments. I wonder why that is :thinking:
Maybe we should ask pro players why they use no Mexico if its so “OP”

eh pro players can get blindspots,

hausa was considered bad until recently and then it jumped to S tier with like no changes.

and we have like 1-2 small tourneys a year with pretty limited player pools, things might change pretty fast, it might just take 1 player really liking mexico and cooking actually making builds for it.

Right now mexico feels very freestyle, no one really has a concrete idea for it besides “revolt smash”

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Well, Frontline [ELO 2024] uses México as one of his mains. Being a pro player he still lost badly using this civ in the recent tournament.

That was the only time I saw Mex being used and was a big loss.

Looking at Frontline’s journey though tells a different story I think

He only used Mexico 3 times and had 2 wins, so if anything that implies there is a strong build for the civ if its in the hands of a competent player, and that is only 1 person. And winning against Hausa on a livestock map is a pretty strong indicator. Not to mention the 2 players he won against are no slouches either

The game he lost is also interesting in that a) it wasnt a livestock map while both the others were and b) Mexico seems to have a terrible matchup vs brits at the high level (which is understandable, brit can boom a lot faster then mexico so its an unfavorable age 2 and if mexico goes for a revolt its vulnerable to a timing attack)


So if anything this is means the civ overall has a lot of potential

Mexico is a completely slept on civ just as hausa was previously. It’s less played because it is a dlc civ so not everyone has bought it and many long time players prefer the vanilla civs. It’s also quite complicated with tons of stuff and weird strats even compared to usa.

Mexico has very strong age 2 revolts, almost unstoppable vs lower skilled/average players. It’s regular age 2 play with insurgentes and skirms and chinacos is also strong.
The hacienda boom is actually very comparable to a brit manor boom and you’ll have about 50 vills around the same time as brit does + each hacienda is like an extra vill in trickles so it is potentially better.
Age 3 you have all the standard cards, 2 falcs, 8 skirms, 5 chinacos etc.
Age 4 very strong unit cards like 9 soldados and a falc, 33 insurgentes. You also have fast arriving factory with double HP and free techs.
Your legion shipments like spanish musketeers are better than spains mu######## as you can get many upgrades to attack and hp and spain has 1 card, your garrochistas are again just as upgradeable as spains with cav combat and caballeros card. Compare that to malta or usa, malta doesn’t have a single cav card to upgrade cuirassiers or lancers, same with usa yet mexico can upgrade all of these other civs units to a similar level or better.
Best outlaws in the game as well.

Almost forgot to mention the federal cards, tlaxcala gives you access to conquistadors plus some very good techs and a 16 vill shipment.
Sonora valleys is basically wignacourt card of malta but across the entire map without need of being within outpost aura.
Sinaloa giving you 4 privateers for 500 coin to stop any water boom and after that you can get a hunt of 16 deer and 10k food worth of fish.
Chihuahua giving you a fort and allowing batches of minutemen to be called from forts and each outpost. Also a trickle of 3 wood per second and 30% faster gathering of wood and 30% more yield.
zacatecas gives 3 silver mines and improve mining rate by 40%, that is 6k safe in base gold. also can get 3 insurgentes per shipment sent, after 10 shipments it’s another 33 insurgente card.
estado de mexico gives all units +10% hp.
veracruz gives forts +6 range and they can attack buildings, also increases train rate by 200%.
puebla gives an aura around forts that boosts units attacks and hp by 25%.

Some of the federal cards are ridiculously good, absolutely no buffs need to be given to mexico.


We saw mexico taken in the summer esoc league quite a bit on the last patch.
Go check the recs on esoc youtube or twitch before you make statements like that. And plus frontline moonshine and april I think (asian player named) won
Besides while you fail address any of my points I also didnt call it OP; mexicos power is strong is my point as it has all the tools. Go play russia or japan or dutch in 1v1s and youll feel what a real civ with limitations that are in some m/u basically impossible is.

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