Mexico sets a new standard for future civs and reworks

The dev team outdid themselves with mexico’s design.

It’s one of the most fun civs I’ve played since Russia, as both civs play heavily on their unique features and their cards interact with them in meaningful ways.

The way mexico can give different functions to their haciendas using cards its a great use of the deck system as a mean of expression for the player. Another good example are the many cards that turn units into others, this is because these cards give the resulting units some of the stats of the former, playing around with how vastly different each unit is, from their profiles, training times, batch sizes, costs and the population they use.

I’ve noticed this is the direction of the latest civ reworks, for example, China now has cards to make the use of the embasy the central point of their civilization, the british recieved more cards that interact with their longbows and the spanish got new cards focused on early game agression with archaic units.

Contrast this with civs like France or Germany. One is a jack of all trades civ, with better villagers and the most complete vanilla unit rooster (as a plus, their unique unit doesn’t replace the hussars) while the other it’s, along with the dutch, one of the most assymetrical european civs. Despite this, their decks have almost the same composition: villager cards, resource cards, unit shipments, attack, hp and combat upgrade cards, eco upgrades and their factories. They lack game changing cards or those are locked in age 4. They are almost guaranteed to recieve a rework in the future.

In conclusion, keep adding cool cards and units that interact with the faction roster and playstyle.


In my opinion, Gran Colombians civ should be a civilization very similar to Mexican civ - in order to be able to present within the postcolonial civ a highly developed pre-columbian civilization - Muisca.

didn’t gran columbia last 10 years? Bit of a stretch including them.

As for colonial civilizations, I believe that Argentina and Brazil are the most appropriate options for South America, for the native civilizations I would add the Mapuche. :smile:

Without a doubt, the current civilizations have the best cards, I would like to see what the reworks of the other civilizations will be like, I just hope they are cards that do not bring mechanics that hinder the gameplay.

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Being realistic, Peru and Brazil are more accurate because of their relationship with the Spanish and Portuguese Empire, and their affinity with the Incas, as is the case with Mexico and the Aztecs. :smiley:

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I see Peru more as a revolution of the Incas and the Spanish, but I wouldn’t rule out adding it as a playable civilization. :smiley:

The only thing I don’t know is if Peru has enough territory to apply the age up system of American civilizations. :sweat_smile:

That and I really want Argentina as a playable civilization. :smile:

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