Mexico Tips and Tricks

So give them to me. What are your tips and tricks for Mexico. Whats the pros and the cons?


Depende de tu estrategia pero la tarjeta de bares avanzados te garantiza oro y PoblaciĂłn. :slightly_smiling_face:

Las haciendas producen, los aldeanos y las vacas son opcionales. :laughing:

La tarjeta de pala reduce mucho el coste de las haciendas y cada hacienda es como un aldeano extra.

La tarjeta barbacoa recolecta de manera automática el ganado engordado y las vacas producen mas recursos mientras engordan.

La tarjeta de pimientos Jalapeños se puede usar para un FF un FI o un Rush.

Espero que te resulte Ăştil :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You can do a good boom by using the land grab card to build cheap haciendas then age up with the politician that gives you a federal card of 3 villagers per hacienda, it’s similar to the brit manor boom eco wise.

I like the card barbacoa especially if you will build all 6 haciendas because then you can leave 2 or 3 of them spawning cows and they’ll automatically harvest them when fattened, all the time replacing with new cows. Takes a while to pay off though.

I’d say a con is mexico has very expensive units and they can be hard to mass early game, things like the soldado costing 2 pop is annoying because whilst it’s worth 2 musk, you’re going to need a new house for every 5 you make. More if you’re training vills constantly.

If you like playing defensively there’s a card in age 2 that makes all defenses cheaper and built faster, enables your general to build outposts and let’s you build an extra fort, there’s another 2 fort cards so that would bring you up tp 4 forts, not to mention there are several age up cards that give you even more forts including 1 that allows forts to attack buildings which while is a bit silly it’s so fun to use and surprises people.


While salteador and soldado are very strong they are also very expensive, the fort shipments can be a good solution as they give you a 1 pop musk that shadowtechs.

As others have said the hacienda boom is very strong, can get +18 off that shipment, but requires 3 total so average about 6 vil per shipment + you are maxed on haciendas early.

Age ups for 3 and 4 are generally underwhelming imo, almost like we’re being encouraged to revolt here…

Central America is good for fast industrial, baja for atp outlaw/merc play.

Yucateca or whatever it’s called is really useful because it has all the salteodor cards, a factory wagon, and best of all -35% settler spawn rate for your haciendas!

The native embassy card gives you jesuit so they can get another -15%.

Sonora can be really strong age 3, the +25% natural resources is a lot and you’re not gonna be starving on food. Ever.

There’s probably something you can abuse with the infinite crate card but I haven’t tried it, think the church or aztec one is probably better if you’re not revolting.


I have some more tips mainly for the yucateca rev, the hacienda trickle card is incredibly strong off a boom opening, it trickles 1/s from each resource making it effectively 3x6=18 vils if you have max haciendas, not to mention they don’t take pop and can’t be raided.

Villager train time reductions from cards/technologies are based on the base train time (100s) while additional workers reduce train time based on current time and have diminishing returns. With all technologies I believe you can get it down to a base of 35s/villager.

Yucateca also makes all the upgrades on haciendas free if you didn’t know.

You also don’t need to research veteran insurgent upgrade. And the lasso attack makes them really bad for kiting if you get the musket card.

The wood configuration card for you haciendas lets your villagers gather at .75/s compared to .72/s for food and .51/s for gold with all upgrades researched.

For a safer hacienda boom you can CA revolt on age up and use exp crates to send 3 frontier outposts that will be up before 6 min. Though it is delayed by a shipment, the 7 extra vils can help offset this, in addition to the exp from your outposts. Remember, CA revolt has 700 gold and wood crates so if you really wanted to you could even ship 700 wood before revolt into another 700 wood for a greedier boom, using the resources from your second hacienda on like double tp or something. And if you know they’re not rushing you can like age up at 15 with gangsaw researched, squeeze in a tp.

You don’t have a lot of use for gold early game if you don’t need salteadores, and you usually have a surplus of food just from hacienda trickle + 1-2 vils on hunts so sometimes you can sell some food for the second woodcutting upgrade early.

Always put your first hacienda somewhere in front of your base, it’s tanky.

The field hospital age up is interesting, the hp boost for heavy infantry is nice, they’re free as well and can train soldados so you can think of it like 4 free healing ottoman barracks, but the downsides are they take really long to build, only your general can do it, and it requires a card.

I think I overlooked many of the age 3 age-ups, I think sonora, coahuila, san luis, and tobasco are all uniquely viable, the only one I don’t see myself ever taking is sinaloa. It’s the age 5 age-ups that are really underwhelming, which is why I like yucateca since it let’s you skip to 5.

If you’re going baja on water the dock age-up is probably going to be more useful than the hacienda boom one.
Actually I’ve been theorizing using this revolt for punishing early tp’s since your surge of fillibusters lets you take em down real quick and the wagons you get from revolting can be transformed to the newly available tp’s to support the stagecoach you’re researching, since you’re a good player, which will support your docks later on.

In all my mexico games I have never felt like I needed a dragoon, so I took those cards out of all my decks.

Edit: Forgot one, for the 3vil/hacienda card it calculates pop usage with completed haciendas on send, but deliver vils based on completed haciendas on arrival, so you can send it at 19/20 with 3 completed to get 28/20, build 1 house, add 1 vil fo queue and 1 insurgent/salteadore for 30/30, and then build your other 3 haciendas before the shipment arrives to get the full 18.


Are tricks really necessary? To me the whole thing seems like a trick on the community already.

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I like insurgents yeah they get obsolete late industrial but pikemen you can easily mass a huge deal and they will be your mainstay soldeos are too slow to train as well as expensive eventually they outperform them but initially…

This is the greatest mystery in the universe.

La civ es versátil creo que lo deje en claro con mi anterior comentario.

Es lenta de jugar, las unidades y los edificios se crean con demasiada lentitud y requieren invertir en cartas.

No recomiendo esta civilizaciĂłn para los competitivos a menos que tu estrategia sea defensiva (Tortuga) o un rush con una de las revoluciones de segunda edad.