Please, add the popular MICHI map to the pool list of the game and even in ranked matches, many player’s can’t live without it

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There is custom map script for it!


Yes, I have it, but there isn’t the map in megarandom ranked game , and it is one of most played map after all standard ones

This map is 30 minutes waste of time. (u do nothing…just boom).
and after this u have to play at least an hour after cutting.

it should never be in ranked games.

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this map teaches how to boom and how to play post imp. After you learn that, u like it, and it improves your gameplay in other maps.

The only reason I think this should NEVER enter ranked gameplay is because you simply CANNOT attack early. Sure it’d help you improve the late game skills but taking away any rush potential is not something that should be considered a ‘ranked’ skilled map. The map HEAVILY forces players to do nothing but boom for a long time.

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so you dont know about fast imp, slinging, or fast onager cut. I said about megarandom maps

Of course I do know those strats. It’s just not considered anywhere near rushing. Maybe for michi standard it’s a ‘rush’ strat but not competitively. Rushing competitevly is dark age, feudal age and FastCastle as ‘latest’ rush (Which can only be done with walled/wallable maps…