Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard Inc

You all probably heard the latest news on the game publishers front. Microsoft is about to acquire Activision Blizzard Inc…

How do you feel about this?

Is $ a bargain or way too much?

And last but not least would we get another new Age of Empires game build by this developer?

Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone, across every device - Stories

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If they made the plunge, they probably figured it will be worth the money. I don’t think we’ll see another Age game for many years to come (actually, I hope we don’t).

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Good and fun topic.
I have hopes that aoe5 could be an incredible game. This news really seems positive in that regard.
Of course I am not getting my hopes up, it is just fun to think about. A super team of RTS game devs could be made, using everything learnt from SC & AOE. It could really put RTS back on the map. Maybe not even using the AOE IP but creating something completely new. I think this could be a positive thing, RTS could thrive one day.

I am also very glad for the Activision employees as management will be changed and hopefully they can have an enjoyable workplace.


Starcraft remastered and Warcraft 3 reforged Definitive Edition with better pathing, unlimited units selection, smart cast and more zoom out please.


Sound crazy, but it’s possible to relive Empire earth saga?


They didn’t revive the whole franchise and their renewed efforts in PC-gaming for just a few years, but for another two decades.

For what specific reason you hope they don’t develop another AOE?

Two games in regard to RTS I really love from both publishers who merged long time ago already into Activision Blizzard Inc.

WFT (Warcraft Frozen Throne) Expansion and Atari’s Act of War / Aggression RTS series.

These are my two favorites.

May also be a good starter for a new space oriented RTS.
Space Age | Empire Earth Wiki | Fandom

Overall, I am very happy about this fact. After all, the games released by Activision will be cheaper (the current prices of their games are astonomically high) and you can count on a more pro-consumer approach to their fans. I hope the newest installments of Call of Duty and Diablo will appear on Steam as soon as possible.

BTW. I have CoD 1 and CoD 2 on CD, but I do not have a drive in my laptop and I am not going to buy the same game for a second time for a huge sum. So I expect a refreshed Call of Duty Classic Trilogy (including CoD 3 for the first time on PC).


It would be a fascinating experience to have two slightly similar series of RTS games from Microsoft in parallel. Together with Rise of Nations, it would be a paradise for RTS fans.

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I would sell my kidney for this :rofl:

Any of you remember games from Impressions Games studio ???
Caesar, Pharaoh and my favorite of them Zeus?

It would be nice to at least see these games refreshed and lowest price for classic versions. Pharaoh: A New Era is born and I wonder if it’s a game made by the same people as the original Pharaoh?

I want to play cod 3 too, i never played that Game and emulation sucks… in the past campaigns of the cods was so cool.

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Microsoft aquiring activision blizzard inc…

I will not jump to joy, just rigth now, for a Starcraft 3. (Clearely hiding my hope for a Starcraft 3)

I look at age of empire 4 imperfections and i am asking my self: “Do i realy want a Starcraft 3?”

The answer is yes, whit no esitation, ready to pact whit the devil.

I am going to finaly buy age of empire 4, just so they make maybe Starcraft 3, afther the fluctuation they will see in the sell of their rts game.

I hope that Microsoft use wisely their new acquisitions.

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