Microsoft, DLC for AoE1 please!

Should Microsoft add additional content(DLCs) to AoE1(i.e. new civs, maps, campaigns, units, ect)
  • Yes
  • No

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the poll has been fixed


Correct this poll a bit. It is not very transparent.

Isn’t a best idea to substitute “1” for “Yes” and “2” for “No”? :sweat_smile:

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Can’t figure it out, I have no idea how. I feel dumb…

I never have done a poll like that, so I don’t know too lol

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I mean, we have been asking for additional content since forever…and ignored since forever.


More campaigns for the three big ones: the Egyptians, the Romans and the Japanese. They do not need to be hard, just historic and fun. The Egyptians got left out, since they were the tutorial. :cowboy_hat_face:


sad but true…

(credits to u/albertoha94)


Yeah, AoE 1 and AoM both neglected and forgotten…


There is just so much potential, the time span of AoE1 is by far the longest in any AoE game and there is just so many unexplored things. Not just new civilizations with new campaigns but also older civilizations need new campaigns too. I hope the devs do add new things to this game…


With the ratio of those who want a DLC to those who don’t(1 vote) if everyone that has played the game on steam(not including microsoft store) buys a $10 DLC, they stand to make 26K, not to mention new players who might be interested in the new content might buy it. AoE1 was the only DE not to have some new content compared to AoE2(a completely new DLC that came with the game) AoE3(2 new civs I know, maybe campaign and maps) They could make a good chunk of money if they developed AoE1 more


@Martino923, why did you vote for no new DLC? Why would you vote for no new DLC?


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no need to question motives. If he doesn’t want a DLC, that’s fine, but according to the poll, 96% of players would like a DLC, that’s all that matters


I think he just thought this was the AoE II forums and that the poll was for AoE II DLC.

@FoughtBird1976 Maybe

The game timeline goes all the way to 373, there is so much more they can add


Before they can start selling DLCs, they would have to fix the game first. I don’t think DLCs will sell well for a still buggy game (at least I wouldn’t buy new content as long as the game remains in this state). I think Microsoft doesn’t want to go through the hassle of fixing AoE, which is why we’ll probably never see new content.


AoE2 has plenty of bugs and they still sold a DLC. People didn’t like the DLC because of the civs chosen(which they complain about wanting more civs, and then complain when they get new civs)


740 AD actually with the Fujiwara revolts scenario for the yamato campaign but that is very much AoE2 timeline but still it shows that there is so many campaigns they can add to the game. Just random ones that came to my mind:

  1. Rise of the Achaemenid empire
  2. Wars of the diadochi (this would be phenomenal)
  3. Third century crisis
  4. Sassanian-Roman/Byzantine wars
    And so much more…

Yeah you’re right, my bad

Of course AoE2 has bugs but you can’t compare those games in this regard. AoE is both technically, and gameplay-wise far inferior then it’s successor (just compare pathing).