Middle Ages Native American building designs

On a new Marvel show, there was a scene set in 1200s North America, which depicts some pretty impressive buildings and fortifications.

For anyone skeptical that people in North America had anything like the types of constructions found in Central and South America, well, take a look:

Fortified Walls

“Castle” and various buildings

“Town Center” and houses.

It does change my opinion on if Native North Americans are a worthwhile addition to the game…at least from a buildings perspective.


Terrible show dont recommend anyone to watch it.

That being said if they do get added the white mound is a good enough wonder.rest of the buildings will obviously be meso ,looking at you MR dlc.


I don’t think a marvel show is a good primary resource


Perhaps. But they did consult Choctaw people before making it, so I am more leaning on their expertise than the show-runners.

The scenes depicted here look surprisingly legit. Even if the Mounds look completely out of place, but eh, tv budget.

It shows that they did a lot of research for this episode.