I’m happy that it was medieval and not modern time but still it was too quick to get a feeling for this game, hope to see some proper panel revealing more info about everything. So far so good!

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theres some things in there I like the look of. Like garrisons on walls and such but yeah I need to see how an actual game looks. Im also not sure how I feel on the look yet. Some moments look awesome others looked like a bit of a cartoonish look.

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I hope they add ancient times as well with the game switchting to medieval age then ^^

They played safely here. And it is a good thing. Bro, looked the gameplay trailer frame by frame, it looks gorgeous. We can finally have units in the wall, and there a lot of relic flavours in there, like “captain” boosting morals etc. Super stoked for this and MS Flight Simulator!! Thanks MS, Forgotten Empires, and World’s Edge (the new age studio)!! for doing this.

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I was surprised it looked kinda cartoony like AoE online but we’ll see with more details in the future.

I`am sorry but the graphics look like a Settlers game. Medieval times were “dirty”. Almost every game they presented is like a big cartoon. Disappointed!


Settlers looks like Age Online actually, this looks somewhere between DOW 2, CoH2, DOW 3, and Age 3. This ■■■■ looks sharp, it is very good. It has more pastel/ matte look to it. It is not cartoony as some here are saying. Seen Civ6 yet? That ■■■■ was garbage looking.

I think it’s Moctezuma’s (II) revenge. Oh, now I’m so hyped 4 IV. :heart_eyes:

So yes, it’s middle ages.

I want to see more gameplay

I’m personally very happy with the decision of going back to medieval times. I understand a of people wanted the franchise to keep going up on the timeline but I’m personally very fond of medieval times better (hopefully even renaissance?).

The one thing I disagree with is that it’s just Age 2 2.0. There’s nothing that even remotely resembles AOE2 in the teaser aside from being on the same time period, but I can’t wait to see how different it’ll actually look like. But naturally, I’ll wait to form my own opinions after we see more of it since, as of now, there’s still too little to form any.

But overall, I’m pleased thus far.

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Yeah , this isnt AoE anymore please bring back Esemble Studios no this trash.


AoE4 should go ancient, medieval, colonial, and WWI.

I waited so many years I couldn’t be happier than that. Medieval age is the best age to enjoy siege. So I absolutly love this decision. Let’s cross our finger for a good gameplay too.