Military scores doesn't make any sense


How is it possible that the highest score is for a player with 37 units killed ?
I have 510 kills (red player) with more kills than the other 5 players, and I am only 3rd…

The scores doesn’t really matter at the end, but showing this is just non-sense…

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Btw the censor algorithm is still acting weird, even on the forum. If you have access to the uncensored version…

I think several parts of the post game stats page are broken. Sometimes in 1V1 the kills on one side do not match the deaths on the other side. I know there are wolves, but I still find it hard to believe the data sometimes. (Note: I made this observation awhile ago so maybe it’s fixed now)

I think that is still broken. Pretty sure it counts the units a player suicided as killed. Same with buildings, if you delete or even just cancel one of your own it counts it as razed. Taking out and putting relics into monastery re-counts them as collected.

I made a thread on this in Discussion too, Why is the score screen so miscalculated? - #10 by CRothlisberger

I think military score is related to time in combat. I had a game with a really high military score yesterday, even tho my army of gunners was just sitting afk shooting down a landmark for 15 minutes while my allies did all the combat.

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Hey, all! There’s a lot of discussion internally about proper scoring. We have some bugs to be fixed, but I will continue to log any reported so the team knows the importance of proper scoring. Thank you for the report @FairestDawn5263 + all!