Military Wagons for TAD civs

I’m not sure exactly when, but recently Military Wagons were given the ability to build Saloons for Euro civs, including USA and Mexico. But TAD civs can’t build a Monastery with theirs. What’s up with that? The Saloon and Monastery serve basically the same function: to train Outlaws and Mercenaries.

It’s true that it’s rather uncommon for these civs to get a Military Wagon (or Military Rickshaw) but this seems like a sensible change to make.

Advanced monastery is a thing idk

Yeah, that’s a decent card.

I’m mostly just interested in matching the functionality of the Military Wagon across all civs. It’s true not all civs have equal access to this units, but all civs can obtain one either from various TEAM cards or treasures. And Japan at least can obtain a Military Rickshaw every game from the Consulate.

The Monastery is just such an obvious parallel to the Saloon it’s odd one is available and the other isn’t.

I suppose then, you could argue the Native Embassy should also be buildable with the Military Wagon, since Native Civs have been given the ability to train Outlaws and Mortars from it. Maybe that’s fair as well? Not entirely sure, but that should be implemented across all civs since it is a universal building.