Min spec mode

I don’t believe I need this but has anyone been able to successfully get it turned on? It’s not in graphics settings. They make it sound like a distinct mode, saying if you use it you can’t go beyond 4 player battles etc. I’ve seen a lot of people on the Steam forum complaining they can’t turn it on as well. Maybe they advertised it but it’s not yet present in the game or it’s simply setting everything to low/off and they’ve communicated poorly?

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I don’t get it very well either.

I have a RTX 3060 12VRAM GB and 32 RAM graphics card

And I can’t set ANIMATION to the hight level.

The game is poorly optimized.

All g. RTX cards should go to maximum play. I don’t understand the developer

Check Geforce settings to see if it’s using some kind of integrated GPU instead of your 3060? I saw someone suggest that a few days ago.

I only have V PC RTX 3060 what would another pc use ???
The integrated card in the PC is not just in the notebook, is it?