Mines need more resources

I’m currently playing games where there is hardly enough gold on the maps. Either increase amount of resources at mines or add more mines

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You’re meant to run out of gold and have to trade/use civ bonus/ get relics.


its funny , on closed beta , gold mines gave 10k of gold but obviously it was too much and let relics and trade useless.

I disagree, this adds dynamism to the game and makes the players move forward. There are also other sources of gold, trade, relics and sacred places in the game. So there is no need to add more gold, of course, unless you are just one of these players who like to delay games for 2-3 hours. Especially for these players, there will be custom game mods and customizations in the future.


how? there is way more gold in aoe4 then aoe2 and the latest have more expensive upgrades

Fake news. So many ways to generate gold in this game beyond mines, and depending on the map there is arguably too much gold.

King of the hill feels like it is all gold and stone.

Don’t buff gold mines. So many excellent ways of generate gold without them, and a lot require you to be active on the map instead of passively turtling.

Works as intended. Big fan.

You are supposed to have just enough resources in the beginning to get going, then it’s a must to start exploring outside of your starting base to get additional resources and also take it from your opponents.

Also trading and relics are a must too.

build traders, find relics, attack churches to get captured relics. The Russian Civ has monks on horses :stuck_out_tongue: