Mini Map / Fog Of War Graphic Bug

GAME VERSION: V. 100.13.29985.0

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED
I’ll attach a screenshot of this bug taking place, where you can clearly see how the fog of war is completely broken even in the mini map. By broken i mean that you can see the map almost as it was already explored in certain spots (in a weird way) but without the presence of treasures, resources etc… and you can see the same thing reflecting into the mini map.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE
The issue occurs always after 2 or 4 matches, both in multiplayer or skirmish.

:arrow_forward: STEPS
All i have to do to reproduce the bug is playing the game normally for a couple of matches until i start a new one with this bug present.

:arrow_forward: FIXING ATTEMPTS

  • I’ve updated all graphic drivers (i have an AMD RX 6600).
  • I’ve Installed any possible Microsoft Visual C++ Redist that the game might need.
  • I’ve tried to change the graphic settings in every possible combination in order to see if it was a specific setting that was causing the problem.
  • I’ve updated windows.
  • I’ve reinstalled the game.

Nothing worked or changed the situation.

:arrow_forward: IMAGE

to me this feels like driver problem, not certain on it, but given i couldn’t reproduce this with low end nvidia card yet suggests to me its related to that

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It’s really weird since i don’t have any problems with any other game that i own… i might need to rollback drivers?

could help yes, assuming its indeed driver related

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I’ll try doing this and see if anything changes xd

it doesn’t work, already tested

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I’ve probably found the reason behind it, i’ll test it during this evening (6pm for me rn) and let you guys know :slight_smile:

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oke unfortunately the test ended sooner than i thought… no luck.
but i was able to discover that this bug doesnt occur if the map has the “large map” option on!
definitely not a fix, but is still something that could help finding the problem

Believe it or not is the actually the shortcut. If you go to steam apps then aoe3de and then start the executable from the file location you will have no more glitched fog of war. You Are welcome. You can also make a shortcut to the executable and add it to the desktop to you can easily access it from now on.