Mini Map Δ°cons Too Small!

I didnt like previous mini map. Its icons were too big but current minimap icons are too small. My eyes getting to hurt while watching them. Please make the mini map a little bigger. :slight_smile:

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I think they are fine now, but I understand your pain, they should just give us the options to adjust sizes ourselves, and the option to toggle type of icons on and off (Especially landmarks, when playing 4v4 and the opponent build a wonder, it’s such a pain in the β– β– β–  to identify where is the wonder among 50 similar landmark icons in the middle of the emergency).


I just want to be able to make the entire mini map much larger.


Ability to scroll in/out on minimap was feature in early 2000s games already. :slight_smile:


I support your suggestion

I support your suggestion