Mini Map problem

Every time i try to make a map. Get this problem. Other people on discord have the same problem and ive seen a few maps published as well like this

I have the same problem, I don’t know how to solve it yet

Do you have any numbers in the map file name?
Someone on the unofficial modding discord mentioned changing the name of the map fixed itself.

I did but still having the same problem. Ive uninstalled everthing i can of aoe iv. Reinstalled same problem. For some reason it kinda keeps all my editor setting.

Cant find anywhere in the editor where i can put all my setting back to default.

Looks like the config settings are in this folder.
C:\Users\[[ your user folder ]]\AppData\Local\SEGA\Relic Entertainment\Cardinal\Essence Editor

Thanks deleted all the 3 files and back to normal. But still no mini map :sob: lol

I have the same problem. Every time I make a map, the small map is purple.

I have the same purple map. Is it my problem