Minimap and water


After the recent patch which made changed to the minimap ALL maps with water aside from Black Forest have become unplayable. Why black forest is excluded? You know always where the fish are, and its not a big deal on that map.

Clearly being able to see where resources are on the minimap is DETRIMENTAL to playing the game. When you are playing at 100+ apm (good players even above 200-300) you do not have time to zoom in on the water, and move your camera around, to spot where the fish are.

If we cannot fix this can we have personal map vetoes so that players can veto water maps and not have to deal with this.


Did they really remove shore fish from the mini map?.. why?

Because they cluttered the Minimap and the devs apparently can’t think of any other way to visualize them :wink:
I wonder how other games solved this…

They removed it because they drastically increased the number of river fish spawns, you can kinda dock anywhere and find shore fish.

That said if you are trying to find the last few fish pools it can be a bit frustrating.

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They remove it because in relic devs minds you must not nerf what everybody cries out for and you must f*ck up what nobody asked for liked this or light cavalry.

My personal opinion, I like the change. Shore fish are all over the place, and are easy to spot when scouting (or any unit walking) along the shoreline. Deep sea fish are much more important to see and harder to spot, and I prefer as few things on the minimap as possible while getting the info i need quickly. I actually like the current minimap a lot as it is right now.

I would imagine map vetoes will be a thing when we actually have ranked. Quick play is meant to match you and get you in game as quickly as possible, and so having players dictate which maps and things to play does not work towards that goal.

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Good point. Lets hope they really do add map vetoes to ranked.
Would be wild if there were no map vetoes and in ranked you would be forced to play all maps.

I agree with map vetoes/bans. I’d also like to see more pure land maps and fewer hybrid water maps, at least until they make water less horrible and/or fishing less required. That might just be my personal preference though