Minimap area change?

I’ve played AOE 1 and 2 for years and only discovered AOE 3 in like 2015. When I saw others either 3D or 2D. The main part of the minimap hasn’t changed but the shape of what you see that the minimap shows is different. Can someone explain to me why they changed or is it because one is 2D and the other is for 3D RTS’s

this is what I mean



its because the minimap in AOE 3 exist in 3d space so units towards the top fill less of the screen and you generally see more. its perspective in a sense.

it doesn’t actually make sense in AOE 2 that a unit in the top in the same size as 1 in the bottom of the screen because the perspective should suggest there would be a bigger distance between you and the units depending on their position relatively to the camera.

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First screenshot is actually from AoE1, don’t hate on me

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I was using a Google search. Both minimaps from 1 and 2 are similar in shape and use the same rectangle view.

But thanks for looking at my mistake. I made the quick edit on it.

That makes sense. Having the trapezoid instead of a rectangle in the minimap shows depth for a 3D RTS. I think I understand now.

It’s like that for AoE4 as well