Minimap Colors

Me and my friends usually have a lot of trouble seeing the enemy in the mini map (and I’m sure a lot of other players too), specially gray and now in DE orange is a problem also(I think the orange here looks darker and kind of melts with the ground/map color). And yes I know I can set the colors to red to all enemies and yellow to allies etc but that has other complications in team games at least for me and I’m sure for other too (I hope!)

I know its not easy to pick colors to distinguish properly when you have too many, but I thought of a couple of ideas that could work:

a. Make the colors in the mini-map for p7 and p8 to be configurable? I’m sure it should not be to hard to change the objects in the mini-map to instead of being gray to be whatever I have in my game configuration.

b. Let us set the color of the ground of the explored area to white (I know some things would disappear like relics), something like toggling Enemy/Allies colors, to let us toggle the ground in the mini map from normal to just white.

There could be an option to enlarge the map and show it as a menu (pop-up) then when closing it it becomes smaller. There are details that sincerely are not seen.

Afaik it is already moddable. There are some mods in the mod workshop as well. You might want to have a look there to solve your issue with colors.

Thanks! Im looking into some of the mods lets see if they workout for me.