Minimap useless and unreadable

Hello. So especially in team games and in the late game (also 1vs1) battles can go all over the place and the minimap going cumberstone. There is no option currently to filter the minimap to show only military units; which
should complement the select (all) idle military units we are using now. I think would be a great addition to the game, can be great to spot bad long distance rally points for example. Also, if yo include this into the game please don’t forget that we may want to be able to use this function :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: with a custom hotkey. Thank you.

Here pictures from the AoE 2 definitive edition minimap. 4vs4 lategame.

“Combat mode” filter


Cannot agree more. Its impossible if you are fighting at two ends to coordinate your army. Control groups only go so far.
Also, its easier to find ally market etc with eco view.
I feel helpless in late games if they are messy.

we should be able to filter out the military units.

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