Minimap useless and unreadable

Anyone else found the minimap useless and unreadable?

Why there is so much icons?
Why icons are so big?
Why cant disable some icons like hunting zones?

In previous aoe you had points with different colours, and the colours are for specific things.
Now why have icons that hide 5% of the minimap each, overlapping with each other and super hard to see enemy units with so much trash hiding it.


Minimap is very small. :frowning:


I completely agree with this. the mini map is so clogged with large, map incomes for special points you can’t even see your troops moving.


The minimap itself could be bigger, plenty of room on the monitor if you have a high enough pixel count, and yes I agree about the resources icons : far too big.

Why not using large pixels of the same colours used in AOE2, that are different enough from player colours to avoid any confusion ?

On the same point, campaign objective icons are also ridiculously large, even worse than resources.

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Yes it’s true, minimap too small, especially for 4 vs 4. I used to play CoH 2 and there was a tactical map, very comfortably. I hope they will do something with the minimap in the future.

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I appreciate what they’re trying to do with the mini-map, but agree it’s not very useful at the moment. I can tell what is trees, vs land, vs water, vs. gold. But stone, huntables, and basically anything else with that neutral/gray color blends together and is hard to locate unless you waste time studying the map and confirming by manually navigating there.

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I agree as of right now the mini-map is difficult to read, so much things going on there and it’s small as well.

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Yes the minimap is absolutely trash and unreadable, units get hidden behind berry bush icons, gold icons, thousands of fish icons relic icons. Sacred sites go completely missing, good luck trying to find them on a congested map, i spent 15 mins looking for one.

And its not as if they haven’t known, the community brought this issue up in beta and they shunned our advice as with everything else wrong with the game. Expect nothing to be done

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At first I had assumed the whole minimap issue was a thing I had to get used to. But even after two days of playing, combined with the open and closed betas, I still find it terrible. The icons are either too small or too large, combined with the map size and size of the minimap. To be honest, I think I prefer the simplistic AoE3 minimap style. It’s precise, tells you what you need to know, and labels things appropriately.

I don’t know how it can be fixed, but I am 100% sure that it needs to be.


I mean just look at the fish in the middle, it is hilarious.


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the minimap really needs to be customizable kind of like in aoe3. you cannot even see the relics on the minimap or your army. Especially your scouts if you forget where they went. other than that i love the game!


I’m really enjoying this game, but my biggest complain so far is the minimap.

I mostly play 4v4 games, and the minimap is simply not useable in that mode.

Way too many icons all on top of each other, all white, makes it impossible to find stuff. I can never tell where are the Sacred Sites by looking at the map, and that’s the largest icon!

Boars and neutral tradeposts might as well be Easter Eggs that I sometime luckily spot while scrolling my screen, I’ll never see them on the minimap.


I agree, minimap needs a rework.


Minimap is too small to have icons on it. Maybe with a sufficiently larger one icons could work.


I just want to be able to resize it to be way bigger.


I’d like having Map Modes.

  • A default mode with terrain + players stuff;
  • One mode that shows Deers and Boars;
  • One mode that shows Sacred Sites and Relics;
  • One mode that shows Tradeposts and allied Markets;
  • One mode that shows only terrains with no icon or player colors.
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Oh yeah, in a 4v4… someone pings… I am like… where is it?

I also lose where I am at in the Minimap. Just trying to glance at where I sent things out to… impossible.

I literally resigned myself to Ctrl grouping things I want to come back to.


While setting waypoints using the minimap it would be nice if there were some kind of indication showing where you clicked


The mini map design is fine but it is way too small. I see myself leaning over often and squinting to try to differentiate the icons. Not everyone has great eyes (even with glasses).

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Agreed, the icons also get hidden behind your structures and walls on the mini map, frustrating trying to find that gold node.