Minor civs in supermacy

So touching up once again on the subject of minor civs and how rarely they come up in supremacy I’d like to poke at this topic from a new angle.

Instead of being too weak in terms of units/techs getting access to them is just too far out of the way.

Early build orders are pretty tight in terms of time - boomers gotta take off before the rush hits, rushes gotta mass up before the walls come up, turtles gotta tech up swing an engagement. Shilling out 100f/100w or 200 wood in this time when you’re guzzling either or all of those res is a tall order even if the hypothetical payoff was worth it. Just in terms of time there’s anywhere between (approx.) 1min to 1:30 min just to set up - and thats if you set 10 vills to gather the basic cost of the TP. Then you gotta make units after that, get cool native techs, etc. Thats not really feasible to do in a similar timespan as a strat that has shipments holding it up. Well and fine there are to cards available to most that reduce the cost of native techs and give a shipment of units, but the intial cost in res and vill time is just too much to compete with more standards strats.

Given all that, I think the most important change for enabling natives in supremacy (and they SHOULD be a valid part of games, fite me), is two fold;

  1. Have separate buildings for allying with minor civs and taking sites on a trade route. Trade routes are pretty good and trying to balance them usually makes native alliances harder - and in the reverse, making TPs cheaper just makes trade routes OP.

  2. Add a universal age 1 card that sends a travios to build a - lets call it a ‘Treaty House’ for now - and either 2 vills, some res, whatever else. The travois can be set to spawn at the location of the explorer. This point can be changed to be whatever to be comparable with popular age 1 cards (3 vils, capitalism, w/e)

The basic concept it to split the TP ######## so that allying with minor civs can be tweaked without breaking trade routes, and then focusing on the startup time with minor civs as opposed to their overall power. There are a few minor civs witch do just suck (klamath) but most do offer some neat techs if not the best units.

Just throwing this out since we be getting bigger patches these days and it might be a good time to bring up some of the longtime mehcanics in need of change - minor civs interactions in this caseas one of the things most in need of updates.

Additional brainstorming:

  • American civs can just straight up start with a treaty house travois
  • Asian civs can access minor civ troops (but not techs/upgrades) via consulate without even building a Treaty House
  • African/Eurpean civs can pay the basic food/wood cost or an alternative food/gold cost
  • Native warriors shadow tech up to champion level
  • Unit improving techs (garifuna drums, jile daggers) are always active for the native warriors but need to be researched to apply to to your main units.
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There already is a building that is a perfect fit for this function; the Native Embassy. They already train native units and are significantly cheaper than TPs. They also thematically make more sense with an Embassy built on a settlement being your delegation to them, and an Embassy built in your town being their delegation to you.

What the cost of this building should be is another question. If the Embassy were to be increased to 100w 100f like what it costs to make an alliance, then their utility in your base would probably need to be improved slightly (such as by making them a shipment point). Extending the effect of cards like ATP to also affect Embassies would also be a good way to buff them and justify a higher cost.

I don’t think this is needed or necessarily desirable. Natives are used in supremacy, but primarily in cheese rush strategies. Giving them too early access might just make this worse.

Giving all alliances an immediate passive bonus would be a much better way to encourage their use. Thes could be taken out of existing techs and could replace the convoluted abilities of the royal houses.

Some examples could be:

Cheyenne - Cavalry train faster (partly taken from Cheyenne Horse Trading tech)
Quechua - Enables training Llamas
Oldenburg - Enables your explorer to launch a hot air balloon (replaces Scientific Expeditions ability)
Somalis - Increases fortification build limit (partly taken from Ajuran Engineers tech)

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