[Minor] Duplicate names between revolutions and US/Mexico

This may not be a major problem as revolutionary US/Mexico are not used very often, but this is still kinda confusing, especially when the revolutionary units are functionally different than the US/Mexican civ units.
E.g. US cowboy (has special ability) vs revolutionary cowboy (no special ability), Mexican charros (RG of chinaco) vs revolutionary charros (upgrade of comanchero), Mexican chinaco (a cavalry) vs revolutionary chinaco (upgrade of renegado).

There should be an easy way to fix this, like simply renaming the renegado chinaco to something like “chinaco guerilla” etc.


The ideal would be to replace these 2 revolutions with 2 new ones or simply remove them and improve the rest.

Just as the Aztecs/Incas/etc were replaced by Zapotecs/Quechuas/etc, revolutions should also be replaced.

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We have 4 buildings that share name (2/2) in the spanish version: Hacienda/Estate and Livestock pen/Corral, so I think that Devs dont care unfortunately