Minor fix to Inca team bonus

Farms built faster has the negative side effect of having farms be built before horse collar is finished. More of a problem in team games when you forget you have an Inca ally. Applying farming techs to the 50% farm build time bonus would fix that.

The bonus being 7,5s seconds/farm saved or +2 food gathered is so minor that finishing farms too early can even make this “bonus” a net negative.

This would be really no eco boost but convenience so there are no effects on balance. Convenience sort of is their theme with the llama and house bonuses.

“Farms and farming technologies built /researched twice as fast”


I’d just throw away the bonus, the whole conception is just bad. I would like them to have a bonus whcih doesn’t buff their villager rush, but has a really awesome effect especially in teamgames, since incas are hardly ever being used in teamgames.
My idea: Barracks cost -75 wood.
This would be a really big buff for the team’s early game, since everyone would save 75 wood. Scout and archer rushes will be eaier to execute. Also it would make incas a better infantry civilization, like they intended to be.

Mmm it could work, it basically make the mill 50% faster.


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Makes sense. Approved.

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