Idea about a new Inca team bonus

AOE lovers, hello.

This was discussed in the past for sure. Now, I even had a topic in zone about this. The INCA team bonus is terrible and needs to be changed. Faster creation of farms mighr even be harmful in some builds , not to mention it sucks even if it does not harm the timing.

I had a poll in the zone forum about this problem.
It seems most liked this idea as far as a new bonus goes :

+66% faster building speed of lumber camps, mining camps and mills

I think it is OK to post the same idea here, so people talk about it.


that looks like and idea worth trying. I dont know about the exact percentage but the faster build speed could be cool in a good combo

I agree that current Inca Team bonus is ridiculous. I had an idea that their team bonus should be:
farmers regenate HP (10-ish?hp/min only while working).
as a farm related bonus does seem appropriate for the Inca, even though this is more of a defensive bonus instead of a eco bonus. Another idea I’ve seen which I like on a historical level is:
Farms give hill advantage for allies
but sounds like a potential nightmare to program. But really any (meaningful) change to this team bonus would be appreciated.

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I like it. Either farms build instantly; or farms, lumber camps, mining camps, and mills build faster.

It’s already (almost) the case, and the bonus sucks. However for me it’s fine, Incas are good enough they don’t need a buff.

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How about Inca team farms are 2x2 in size with an appropriate reduction in Farmer work rate so they’re about the same as 3x3 farms? Smaller farms wouldn’t be faster, but their bonus would be putting Farmers closer to the Town Center, and in higher numbers, as well as needing to build a few less mills. This could also be a reference to terrace farming and how Incas could put a lot of farm food into a comparatively small land area.


I literally just suggested that in another thread an hour ago. But yes, it’s a solid idea - keeps the theme of the bonus but actually makes it decent.

Wouldn’t this bonus have a bad tendency to meddle with other civ bonuses?

I assume you’re referring to how a work rate reduction might mess up something like the Slavs’ farming rate bonus. In the other thread, I mentioned that, as I recall, villagers only work a 2x2 area of the farm anyway (starting from the left side, I believe). So this shouldn’t need a work rate reduction to be viable anyway.

Yup, but I read it only after. Ooopsie 11

Yeah that team bonuses really has to be replaced. It’s just annoying that you need to wait to put down farms until horse collar is abou 70% finished. Sometimes I forget about that which can really mess up your eco at a certain point.

Sounds like a reasonable idea to me. Would be a tiny buff that adds to the list of rather small Inca eco bonuses.

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To be honest, I don’t like it not because it wouldn’t be a good team bonus, but because I’ve always wanted it as a bonus for a new civ.

I’ve seen it as a bonus for the Dutch civ in the Realms mod and liked it a lot actually. It might be hard to program to work properly and it might cause problems in the scenario editor while switching civs, but I think whatever civ it would get, it would be a nice bonus.

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might be hard to code

I am still in favour of the
+66% faster building speed of lumber camps, mining camps and mills

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I wonder if that’s really more useful than the current bonus, though. I mean these buildings only have 35s building time and it’s not like having them up a couple of seconds earlier gets you anything. Plus, as we can see when looking at Japanese, bonuses for drop-off buildings only matter in dark and early feudal age. So how is that working out better for Incas than faster building farms?


Haha this idea must be pretty long lived, as I posted the same in another thread (which also tries to address other pretty bad team bonuses like the Tatars’ and Franks’). I suppose we could also combine the bonus (this is AoE II after all) into “build faster, +50% HP, smaller 2x2”.

This could be good too actually!

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Yes, man , 35s. you say. Look at it thsi way :slight_smile: - in a game you might make like 20 camps /if the game is long/. If it takes 12s. to create one camp, then you save like 23s. from every camp, right ? So this means villagers work more 20 camps x 12s. = 240s. more work time as a whole. It is not a lot but it is better than the farm bonus that f…ks up the timing of most builds and they have to reseed earlier in age II- III when they need the wood most. Plus I didnot wish to go for a very strong bonus, so I picked a bonus of the “less OP” options The Spanish bonus for ex. in insanely great in 3v3/4v4

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Oh you meant the aoe 66% not the real 66% (as it says 50% faster for inca farms while actually being 100%)? But then according to your calculation you save 20x23s (not 20x12s) = 460s right? So let’s assume a game with those 20 camps amounting to 460s saved building time which would amount to around 150 saved ressources (that’s what 1 vill collects in that time) over the course of a long game.

So let’s compare it to the current bonus: An equally long game features like what, 100 farms? If that is roughly appropriate (tbh no idea, i’d say even more, 20 camps is a lot) you would save 750s which is higher than the proposed new bonus. And you obviously are right in that it shouldn’t be strong bonus (it’s a team bonus after all and Incas wouldn’t really need a strong bonus) but replacing one useless bonus by another (even more) useless bonus…I don’t see the point in that.


Lately I have been thinking a lot about the Inca team bonus but it is very difficult to think of a fitting one. The developers likely wanted to give them A) an eco Teambonus as their lacking eco bonuses compared to the other Meso-Civs and B) a bonus that reflects their history.
As they had impressive farms in the Andes the Devs wanted to give them something fitting. However, all good farm bonuses were already taken by other Civs so the Incas got the only option that was left…
Therefore giving them faster build times on other buildings does not make much sense.
So, when thinking of giving them an farm bonus we must consider several things:
The Incas are already really strong in dark and feudal age. The Mayans and Aztecs have eco bonuses that benefit them over the course of the whole game. Therefore the Incas, lacking such a bonus, fall short in mid to late game in high level games…
My first suggestion: “Farms slowly generate food”.
This would not benefit Incas in the early game but over time. It is also a great bonus to have when you get raided and have to leave your farms for a while.
However, while it sounds great to be a bonus for the Incas, it would probably be too overpowered to have Civs in your team that already have farming bonuses.
Looking at other parts of their history, they had a fast communication network (without horses) and the Spanish were interested in their gold treasures.
I would therefore suggest giving them a bonus that rivals the one of the Spanish:
“Tradecarts move 15% faster”.
This would give them more gold income in the lategame as well as making their trade a little bit more raid prove.
Sadly, how the game is coded right now, in the lategame tradecarts sometimes move to fast and get stuck in buildings or trees. I guess this would be a problem when carts move even faster…


Your descprition of the problem is pretty accurate. And I like the anti-raiding theme. But be honest, isn’t farms generating food just another way of wording faster farmers which are already given to another civ, as you mentioned? Neither being raided nor sending farmers off to other resources when farms still have food is something you plan to do.