Minor Gods and God Power ideas

Me and others thought about ideas how to improve how Minor Gods and God Powers work.
I compiled a few ideas into a concept.

Minor Gods

  • You age up by building a Temple for them
  • Each of them unlocks Myth units, God Powers and technologies as usual


  • Each temple is always build for a specific god, there is not generic temple anymore
  • Can be rebuild at the same spot when destroyed
  • Might work as a victory condition like in AoE4
  • Might provide some permanent local or global bonuses (until they are destroyed)
  • Maybe provides population (so you are less dependent on Settlements but still have something you need to defend)

This idea would work like it does in AoE4. I think that’s one of the best systems from AoE4.
Would add a lot of cool and unique buildings to the game and give us a visual representation of every Minor god in the game.
In the case of the Norse some of those Temples could be Trees, Stones or other natural things instead of a building.

Giving every Temple a permanent bonus might be a little strong since you also get a free myth unit and free god power on Age up too.


  • Button in the UI that shows you all available Myth units, purchasable god powers and mythological technologies
  • Kinda like switching to the home city in AoE3 (visually)
  • Myth units can be “send” to any temple or Town Centre of choice (like home city shipment point)
  • Each of the options have their own cost and can be purchased in parallel (only one unit after another but techs don’t block unit production)

This doesn’t only look cool but it would allow you to train Myth units in more places, now that there are no generic temples anymore.

God Powers

  • You get a weak version for free when aging up (“Small Earthquake” for example)
  • You can upgrade some God Powers before using them (“Medium/Large Earthquake” for example)
  • Upgrades might unlock in later ages
  • You can buy additional uses for Favour and other resources
  • Buying additional uses and upgrades takes a relatively long time (effectively a cooldown)
  • Costs might increase every time you purchase them (to prevent some god powers to be used too often) especially for economic god powers so no infinite Dwarf Gold Mines or Gaia Forests
  • Only one god power can be purchased or upgrade at once (globally)
  • 4 different god powers can be stored at once (like usual)
  • A few god powers can be stored multiple times

This way god powers are reusable for all civilisations but not in a very quick succession and not for free.

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I think it would work better if the god power cooldown started instantly and you just spent favours each time you want to use it. Also, some god powers clearly shouldn’t be available more than once, such as the horn of abundance.

One problem with this is that some god powers are with more then the 100 favour you can store.
That’s why I came up with the idea of upgrading them multiple levels.
So a Big Earthquake could cost more then 100 favour because you have to by a Small Earthquake and upgrade it to a Medium Earthquake first.
Just as an example. Doesn’t mean that Earthquake needs 3 levels.
That would also reduce the power spike on Age up.